• I can handle my software portfolio more efficiently
    with the Portfolio Management Platform.

Discover the Possibilities for Software Consolidation

Many purchasing agents for software licenses, license managers, administrators, security personnel and CIOs wish they had more insight into their software portfolio. Unfortunately, their current recording and analysis methods only provide them with an incomplete and inadequate overview of their software inventory. Their challenges are:

  • Precise software information: “I don’t know the accurate numbers of the software programs we use and the manufacturers the software was obtained from, or their respective patch and support levels.”
  • Software consolidation: “I would need a database which enables me to consolidate my software in order to reduce costs and operating efforts.”
  • Security risks: “I don’t know if there is any software endangering our IT security like illegal portable apps or software that has run out of manufacturer support, for example. Hence, I’m not able to eliminate those."

“Imagine what I could do with my software portfolio if I had even more information about it!”

What I would like:

  • Greater insight into my software
  • Benefits of savings potential, e.g. through consolidation
  • The elimination of security risks

Transform Your Software Data into Tangible Benefits

With the Portfolio Management Platform, you get a better overview of your software. Your installed software is automatically recorded using our inventory or your existing inventory software and thoroughly qualified using the Profiler service – all at the push of a button and for more than 14,000 manufacturers and 1,000,000 fingerprints.

Your uniquely identified software is clearly presented in your dashboard, which shows you 17 categories with a total of 480 functions for your ongoing data analysis – evaluate your software with regard to versions, functions, languages and license types or patch levels for example, and discover previously unused optimization potentials.

Easy Control of Your Software Portfolio with our Dashboard


Check and update your patch levels


Consolidate software with overlapping functions

Your Benefits at a Glance


 Reduce your purchasing and operating costs:

  • Consolidate software with overlapping functions and negotiate a higher purchasing
    volume with a smaller number of manufacturers
  • Sort out software no longer being used or long-since discontinued by the manufacturer
  • Consolidate your software inventory to lower support and training expenditure

Avoid security risks and penalty fees:

  • Identify those software products which are no longer supported
  • Locate and remove "illegally" installed software like portable apps and games
  • Automatically analyze the patch level you are on with the latest available

Improve your position at the company and when negotiating with manufacturers:

  • Make decisions based on precise facts instead of assumptions
  • Analyze your software data yourself and debate with IT colleagues and specialist
    departments on a level playing field
  • Create verifiable added value to achieve your personal goals and strengthen your
    role at the company

Seeing is Believing: Get Started Now with a Proof of Value or Live Demo!

There's no better way than to find out for yourself. We can either view the service together in a live demo, or you can request a "proof of value" and work with the platform yourself.

Let us know what you need by submitting the right form, and we'll get back to you promptly.

The Portfolio Management Platform achieves transparency on software and hardware configuration of clients and servers.

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With the Portfolio Management Platform, you're choosing:

  •  A comprehensive software catalog
  •  A unique qualification of your data
  •  Comprehensive evaluation options
  •  Easy-to-activate additional services

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The Portfolio Management Platform at a Glance

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The so-called WannaCry crypto virus attacked tens of thousands of international businesses, private persons and government agencies. It targeted devices running Microsoft Windows Operating Systems that lacked the necessary security patch levels. With the Portfolio Management Platform you make sure to regularly check and update your patch levels. Read the full article ...

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