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International Business Machines Corporation (IBM), incorporated on June 16, 1911, is an information technology (IT) company. IBM operates in five segments: Global Technology Services (GTS), Global Business Services (GBS), Software, Systems and Technology and Global Financing. GTS primarily provides IT infrastructure services and business process services. GBS provides professional services and application management services. Software consists primarily of middleware and operating systems software. Systems and Technology provides clients with business solutions requiring advanced computing power and storage capabilities. Global Financing invests in financing assets, leverages with debt and manages the associated risks.

IBM Software

Middleware software enables clients to integrate systems, processes and applications across a standard software platform. IBM middleware is designed on open standards, making it easier to integrate disparate business applications, developed by different methods and implemented at different times. The sale of software licenses includes one year of subscription and support. Clients can also purchase ongoing subscription and support after the first year, which includes unspecified product upgrades and technical support.

WebSphere Software delivers capabilities that enable clients to integrate and manage business processes across their organizations. With a services-oriented architecture (SOA), businesses can link together their fragmented data and business processes to extract value from their existing technology.

Smarter Commerce software enables interaction between companies, their customers and suppliers throughout the business cycle. Information Management Software enables clients to integrate, manage and use their information.

Solutions include advanced database management, enterprise content management, information integration, data warehousing, performance management business analytics and intelligence.

Tivoli Software helps clients manage their technology and business assets. With solutions for identity management, data security, storage management, cloud computing, enterprise mobility and the ability to provide automation and provisioning of the datacenter, Tivoli helps build the infrastructure needed to make systems from transportation to water, energy and telecommunications.

Lotus Software enables businesses to connect people and processes.

Rational Software supports software development for both IT, as well as complex and embedded system solutions with a suite of Collaborative Lifecycle Management products.

Security Systems Software provides clients with a single security intelligence platform. Operating Systems software manages the fundamental processes that make computers run.

Source: Reuters


COMPAREX is IBM Premier Partner and has in total more than 300 different IBM product certifications obtained over the past years. With this we can support you for every IBM product available in the market.

You find detailed information about products and licensing options on the official website of IBM. For further advice and to find the licensing model which fits your needs contact us.