We believe that our employees are the key to our success

A career at COMPAREX is not for everyone. As a global licensing partner, we have an excellent reputation for quality services, and that expertise stems from our knowledgeable employees. As a group, we have to reach ambitious sales targets time and time again. No surprise then, that our people cling together like glue and make (after-)work fun. Management contributes to this open atmosphere by keeping their doors open for both concerns and initiatives. The freedom to evolve, individually and as a business, runs through our DNA. Eager, stress-resistant, social, flexible and respectful – We at COMPAREX are ready to welcome our new colleagues!

What makes COMPAREX special?

Atmosphere & teamwork

The most important aspect of working at COMPAREX? The relationship with (y)our colleagues. During work, we all trust and support each other. After work, we meet up for drinks. No office politics allowed!

Development & innovation

COMPAREX is a workplace where you can achieve your personal goals if you perform up to standards. The IT sector evolves constantly, so we stimulate our employees to do the same.

Quality & diversity

Working for a recognized expert has its perks. Respect and stability come naturally to COMPAREX employees, both internally and externally. And that attracts people of all kinds.

Internships at COMPAREX

Are you almost graduated and searching for an exciting internship? Are you looking to gain relevant experience before entering the labor market? Our internships offer learning opportunities and the necessary experience to help you feel confident when starting your job application journey.

Reach out and get an internship at COMPAREX!

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Annemie Vanhamel

Annemie Vanhamel

HR Manager