The Best Way to Join COMPAREX

There are a variety of ways to begin your career at COMPAREX, depending on your training and professional experience. Whatever your level of entry is, you will receive intensive introduction training to help your rapid integration at COMPAREX.

Optimum Support for your Career

We are strongly committed to your professional success, especially through continuous training and further education. This includes job rotation, internal and external training programs as well as the opportunity to get an MBA degree course.

Further education opportunities include:

  • Professional training
  • Acquisition of specialist skills
  • Soft-skill training sessions

Individual coaching for more complex tasks

You will meet with your departmental or team leader to define individual goals in regular employee discussions. These reflect the assessment of performance, requirements arising from the project implementation, desires for personal development and professional demands. The outcome will summarise targets, the action needed to achieve them and the plans for further training over the ongoing fiscal year.

An International Career with a Global Player

As a company group with operations throughout the world, COMPAREX offers outstanding opportunities for international careers. The exchange of staff between the locations in different countries throughout Europe, Africa and Asia is essential for our international mode of operation. You will always remain firmly linked to your "home location". This way, our know-how transfer program can be the first step in your international success story.

Optimum Conditions for Professional Success

Without motivation and a work-life balance, there can be no sustained enthusiasm, productivity and enjoyment of innovation. We help our employees to harmonize their profession and their life on many levels.
A selection will show you what we mean:

COMPAREX is an outstandingly family-friendly company and expressly supports the carreers of women and mothers.

Employee events promote internal communication. They provide a framework for you to get to know colleagues far beyond your own area of work.

Job Offers

The Belgian COMPAREX organization is a market leader in software licensing and software asset management. COMPAREX also advises in various specialist IT areas, including Infrastrcuture & Virtualization, Cloud Computing, IT Security, Oracle and Microsoft licensing licensing.

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