At COMPAREX more than 2,450 employees in 35 countries across the globe are focused on the management of software usage rights and sourcing. We are global number one in license knowledge, proven by 4,750 certifications from 70 software vendors.
Today's IT environments are becoming increasingly complicated and require IT employees to have extensive knowledge, to be able to manage them. They often consist of many components that enable them to communicate with each other using different networks and devices.

In order to help companies to manage business processes as efficiently as possible, we offer consultancy services, including the identification of changes in the IT infrastructure, depending on the customer's business needs.

Our experience has taught us how to adapt changes in IT services to the hardware requirements, software and internal processes of IT departments. We offer a wide range of consulting services, from hardware to the reorganisation of IT processes.

COMPAREX experts have a track record of excellence in:

  • Software Services & Consulting
  • Virtualization and Infrastructure
  • IT Security
  • Storage Solutions
  • Open Source Strategy
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Systems Management
  • Managed Services
  • COMPAREX Products & Solutions

When it comes to customised, intelligent and scalable solutions we will meet every possible requirement. We are committed to developing all-embracing solutions, as well as systems and interfaces adapted to your needs. We are specialised in Custom Development, Enterprise Content Management, Communication and Collaboration as well as Database and Reporting.

  • personalised, manufacturer-independent advice
  • first-class project support covering the entire IT life cycle (conception, procurement, implementation and operation)
  • enhance your knowledge by using our in-house trainings, public-seminars, e-learning, blended learning and certification courses
  • customised solutions tailored according to your needs

Thanks to our vast experience and know-how, we provide support for multi-supplier solutions.

Services management means that COMPAREX takes responsibility for IT services, including the operation of the organisations entire infrastructure and the provision of professional technical support.

The operation covers all IT department tasks, from helping to operate the hardware and software to all IT business services.

We help you to get one optimal IT process, take advantage of:

  • one single point of contact
  • standardised Service Level Agreements
  • clear competences
  • vendor independent support
  • one support contract
  • reduction of IT costs
  • enhancement of employee and customers satisfaction
  • improvement of in-house IT availability

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