Big data is increasingly influential in the way we live our lives. But how did analytics pick up steam? One of the earliest adopters was the world of sports. Let’s consider the evolution of analytics in sports and compare it to the growth of big data in the world of business. Take that for data!

11 data-entries that shook the world of sports

3 big data trends

It took analytics more than a century to grow into an integral part of sports. Big data will not take that long to leave its mark on the decision-making process in business. High time to take note of a couple of universal big data trends:

  1. The amount of data will keep increasing
    Sensors in race cars or handheld devices with an internet connection? More input means more insight – if you can process it.
  2. Fast data will replace big data
    Quicker reaction times have the potential to save lives and money.
  3. Hire your experts now
    Data experts today are no longer RAF commanders. The demand for analytics-experts is on the rise.

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