Slip on your running shoes, warm up the muscles, stretch, and approach the start line. That’s right: in this article we compare the build-up of your Software Asset Management (SAM) capabilities to the exertion of running a marathon.

This is in advance of our upcoming Software Seminar on how you can get started with Software Asset Management, being held at Hotel Le Royal in Luxembourg CIty on Thursday, November 29th 2018. Claim 1 of the 12 available seats right here.

But first: marathon runners and SAM. Both start out with clear goals. For one it’s achieving the best time. For the other it’s about delivering measurable business benefits – and not least, the ability to cut software costs (according to Gartner) by 30%.

Explore the impact of a good start

The importance of a good start should never be underestimated. An early burst to get yourself in the best possible position, and to achieve the quick wins that will put you in a good rhythm.

But what does a quick win look like for the SAM beginner? Well, let’s consider the first major task: the creation of an accurate, up-to-date view of software usage across the organization. (Without the right support) this can be a complex and difficult undertaking, but it’s well worth the effort as it enables you to:

  • optimize the software portfolio, and group all software types to help IT track usage and build partnerships with 1 or 2 preferred suppliers
  • manage support risks, and to mark older software as ‘end-of-life’ once support from the supplier has been terminated
  • save costs by highlighting software that isn’t being used at all
  • gain the insights needed to evaluate support/renewal costs

Talk through the security angle

Showing an ability to save costs and optimize the existing estate is a great start. But now you’re approaching the halfway stage, and you’ve hit the wall – the pain barrier that needs to be overcome: security.

For IT teams this begins by flagging unpatched software, a major form of risk exposure (it’s estimated that 92.5% of the top 50 most-used software apps were hit by vulnerabilities that demanded immediate updates in 2016 alone).

In addition, there’s the importance of identifying illegal software that’s been brought inside the corporate firewall. Unauthorized software can compromise your defenses, and the organization needs to list all cases – from gaming and torrent apps to freeware (software such as Avast and Teamviewer is free for individuals, but not for corporate users).

Align your thinking

For any beginner SAM function there are also many opportunities to make an eye-catching sprint to the finish.

First comes the ability to tightly align your software license portfolio with the realities of user demand. And this is not just a static activity either, but rather a dynamic approach to keeping pace with ever-changing business expectations.

The major advantage here being speed of change: by knowing what you have and what’s needed, you can quickly calculate the cost of any new implementations – and then deliver them at the speed of business.

Discover the value

All of which points to the role of SAM in giving executives greater confidence in the overall software strategy, which in turn leads to three final benefits:

  • Trusted insights lead to improved modelling of future usage levels, and therefore better investment decisions.
  • Greater CAPEX/OPEX visibility provides the detail needed to support more accurate cost predictions, and to avoid any surprises in the future.
  • The measurement of ROI, and defining the value being delivered by different software products based on real consumption-based data.

Join your specialist running coaches

So if you’re looking to give your SAM capabilities a boost, why not join us at this November’s Software Seminar? By attending (running attire optional!), you’ll be talked through the various SAM stages, and offered a general introduction into the quick wins and longer term value on offer.

We’ll also give you the quick overview of our new Portfolio Management Platform, from what it does to what it delivers.

Get started with Software Asset Management

Visit Le Royal, attend a live demo, enjoy an exclusive lunch and engage in a discussion with our IT experts – don’t miss out on our next Software Seminar. Claim your seat at the table.

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