A lot can go wrong in a day. Particularly when you’re involved in the 24 Hours of Zolder car race. Where winning is all about speed and reliability; where drivers and technicians spend their time trying to constantly boost performance; and where the emphasis is on optimizing maintenance to keep the car running to its full potential.

Which isn’t a world away from the task VMware administrators running vSphere, vSAN or NSX environments are faced with. Granted they’re not hammering it around a 4 km racetrack. But they are expected to constantly fine-tune performance – and ensure the avoidance of any costly downtime.

So imagine having your own, always-on, automated VMware technician. A highly skilled expert auditing your virtual environment 24/7, to help you remain compliant – while also eliminating all possible configuration and security risks along the way.

Sounds like a win?

Take off with Runecast Analyzer 2.0

Such automated coverage is exactly what you get with Runecast Analyzer 2.0, a tool that lets you:

  • Continuously scan the VMware knowledge base, security standards, best practices guides and social media, to ensure all the bases are covered when it comes to protecting your infrastructure.
  • Detect misconfiguration and security vulnerabilities before they become critical issues, with alerts delivered on potential problems (ranked by criticality), and easy to follow remediation steps.
  • Monitor your logs in real time for specific patterns described in the VMware Knowledge Base articles that suggest trouble. You are also instantly presented with the solution, so you can address any issue without delay.

Time to accelerate your VMware

Runecast Analyzer 2.0 helps boost your VMware environment, with major ‘under-the-hood’ improvements that you can experience from the very start:

  • Prevent 99% of all known issues and reduce outage minutes by 78%
  • Adopt VMware best practices and get the most out of your virtual environment
  • Identify problems in 98% less time to help triple your productivity
  • Automate 93% of security compliance checks

Then there’s the how: Runecast Analyzer 2.0 integrates seamlessly with your familiar VMware management tools. And once up and running it works tirelessly to identify those combinations of components in your datacenter stack containing vulnerabilities.

Also, as a patent pending rules engine it combines the speed of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with natural language processing (NLP) to deliver alerts on any risks that could disrupt your critical systems.

Leading the field for PCI DSS

As for favorite tracks, Runecast Analyzer 2.0 is particularly impressive around PCI DSS (the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard used by anyone processing credit cardholder data) – and has many fans in the fields of finance and ecommerce.

The purpose of PCI DSS is to increase controls around cardholder data, thereby reducing credit card fraud. In this process, a validation of compliance is performed annually. And it’s here that the fast identification of vulnerabilities and instances of non-compliance in VMware data centers is essential for protecting cardholder data environments.

Hence why Runecast Analyzer 2.0 has established a reputation as the most comprehensive solution on the market for automating continuous PCI DSS compliance in VMware SDDCs, and for covering each and every check that’s open to automation.

Keeping government clients in pole position

Finally, to highlight the proven capabilities of Runecast Analyzer 2.0, it’s worth noting the number of governmental and military departments across the globe that have deployed the platform.

This is because they recognize it as the only solution that allows them to proactively identify and remediate offline any known vSphere, vSAN or NSX-V issues, best practice deviations, or security non-compliances (including against DISA STIG).

A winning position

To summarize the top Runecast Analyzer 2.0 customer benefits:

  1. Gain real-time, continuous operational and security insights
  2. Ensure compliance and stay ahead of all audit procedures
  3. Monitor, secure and troubleshoot your virtual infrastructures through one single dashboard
  4. Enjoy easy deployment that gets you up and running in minutes
  5. Ensure limited exposure of the internal network to the internet

Supercharge your VMware environment

At COMPAREX we have skilled technicians ready and waiting to take you for a Runecast Analyzer 2.0 test drive. They’ll be able to talk you through the ease of deployment, the outputs it delivers, and to detail how it could run in your specific VMware environment. Ready?

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