The internet and social media have radically changed sports journalism. Those interested can research any sport in minutes, and stay updated on all the latest developments.

Standing out and being relevant are therefore crucial. Just narrating and transmitting facts is no longer enough. Instead, the reporting must be critical and interpretive, with an emphasis on adding color, insight, and informed analysis that explores both cause and effect.

But does this make the sports journalist any different to CIOs and IT teams talking up the value of software asset management (SAM) – to a business audience who have a million and one other things to care about?

The answer of course is a resounding ‘no’!

Telling a good tale

Everyone loves a good story. They’re an ideal way to convey key facts and events in an entertaining (and thus memorable) way. Ask Pixar: they’re an established expert in the art of storytelling, and work according to an established formula:

Once upon a time there was…every day…until one day…because of that…because of that…until finally…the end.

Or in IT speak (as an example):

  • An IT department provided users with all the functionality they needed
  • This worked well, and an ROI was being consistently delivered
  • Until the business introduced new services/moved to the cloud
  • IT struggled to ‘rightsize’ their software estate
  • They were paying for more than they needed
  • Until finally a good SAM process helped rationalize the deployment

The building blocks of story

Telling a story is in part a challenge of presenting information in a concise and interesting way. For CIOs, IT Managers, and SAM teams wanting to engage on the topic of software usage, this requires them to first:

  • Have all the supporting data at their fingertips
  • Perform an analysis of the data (either by themselves or with expert support) to uncover the basics of the story
  • Structure a narrative that brings to life the business impact and highlights any meaningful benefits – without getting stuck in the details

Writing the SAM narrative

The good news of course is that there are many great stories to tell. Indeed, the following examples are all derived from the core SAM requirement of understanding what software assets are being used – and how this compares to license entitlements:

Supporting greater business agility – we’re constantly told that today’s IT environment needs to be flexible, dynamic, and able to adapt quickly to changing demand. But making change requires an understanding of what you're changing from (existing environment) and what you’re changing to (new target environment). Knowing this, and the implications behind any change, can have a significant impact on future investment decisions.

Optimizing your existing technology investments – IT is no longer a distinct, separate department within a business. In many instances it is the business, and knowing what you have is a good platform for assessing the success of past investments; of measuring both ROI and TCO; and for optimizing performance in line with wider strategic goals.

Making the move to the cloud – for business leaders, the decision to move from on-premise to the cloud will always include a cost element. With the right data available, IT has a story to tell of how much it costs to run the existing environment, to accurately calculate actual need (thereby avoiding assumptions), and to better predict the overall cloud usage bill – thereby allowing the board to make the decision with confidence.

Enhance your own reputation

So, as with sports journalists, CIOs and IT teams can benefit hugely from weaving a story element into their SAM conversations. To not get ‘stuck in the weeds’ with the type of technical detail known to intimidate your typical business user. And to extend such storytelling across all communication mediums, thereby providing more accessible management reporting.

Do that and you’ll be better able to detail the headline value being delivered by SAM tools (as well as the software they manage), and from this boost your software purchasing power!

Bring your own story to life!

Where COMPAREX can help is in providing access to expert SAM tools and know-how to really bring your story to life – with capabilities proven to improve both the efficiency and reputation of any aspiring IT department.

Contact us if you’re ready to become the next breaking story

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