Hype cycles, magic quadrants, waves. The market is full of mechanisms for predicting the hottest new technologies out there for the enterprise. But which are the ones you should really be keeping an eye on? What technologies are quickly moving from potential to proven capability and mainstream adoption?

There are many to choose from of course, and to help we’ve selected the most heavily talked about solutions and practices including:

  • Hybrid and multi-cloud – which are fast becoming a reality for most companies
  • Microservices – and the promise they offer for faster and more agile development cycles
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning – which are helping raise automation to a significant new level
  • Shadow IT – a stand out trend impacting how companies source software assets
  • Unified Endpoint Management – and creating a more joined-up approach to serving the enterprise
  • Identity and Access Management – and addressing one of the biggest issues facing security professionals today
  • Software Asset Management – and maintaining greater management visibility into what assets you have deployed



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