Licence Management – Explained in 1.5 minutes

Just have a look at the Licence Management video and get to know how you can cut costs.

Does your company need software suitable to the needs of individual specialist departments as well as affiliated companies? Are you responsible for procuring this software at a reasonable price? In other words, is it your job to save with a capital S? Make it happen! COMPAREX will support you in that.

Time is Money

Save time and money with Licence Procurement by COMPAREXOur experience shows that procuring 80% of the purchase volume requires only 20% of the effort, while on the contrary procuring 20% of the purchase volume requires 80% of the effort. Therefore COMPAREX offers individually tailored approaches to cost optimisation regarding framework agreements (licence consulting, including procurement at the best prices available worldwide), standard software (COMPAREXonline, including COMPAREX Dynamic Global Sourcing) and specialised software (standardised processing via COMPAREXonline at cost-effective terms).

Big Investments. Big Saving Potential.

Via tailored exclusive volume- and framework agreements and the help of COMPAREX Dynamic Global Sourcing we detect the best sourcing model for your needs. Take advantage of currency deviations and different local pricing policies at the push of a button.

 Our Promise

  •  Save when concluding and optimising your framework contracts – we develop the best sourcing model for you.
  •  Save when purchasing standard software via the global sourcing function in our customer portal and find the best price around the world with just one click.
  •  Save thanks to our many years of experience in the sale of software from specialist manufacturers and the top terms agreed with you on an individual basis.

 Your Return

  •  Optimised framework contracts including the best sourcing model available internationally
  •  The best daily price around the world for standard software with just one click.
  •  Legal certainty thanks to verified transaction channels.
  •  Transparency via OpenBook pricing.

Anything but Standard: COMPAREX Dynamic Global Sourcing

When it comes to international transactions the complexity of tax regulations play a very important role, e.g. VAT or withholding tax. By maintaining an internal system with a central hub, COMPAREX ensures compliance with tax and licensing regulations. The procurement process itself does not change.

Possible cross-border delivery options without COMPAREX Dynamic Global Sourcing

561 possible cross-border delivery options

Complexity of border-crossing delivery options with COMPAREX Dynamic Global Sourcing

33 possible cross-border delivery options

Intelligent buying, contract management and licence optimisation are initial for you to focus on your strengths. These services are part of COMPAREX SoftCare, a professional licence management solution that helps you to reduce your compliance risks, cut costs in the process of managing and purchasing software licences, and demonstrably increase the level of efficiency of your procurement processes.

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