10 Shortcuts for Adobe Photoshop (Plus: Free Cheat Sheet)

We recently provided a quick run through the various tricks with which you can  optimize performance of Adobe Photoshop. Another way to zip through your work with the image processing software is to use keyboard shortcuts. We’ve put together ten shortcuts for Adobe Photoshop (Windows and Mac OS users) that make image processing a touch easier. The  nifty cheat sheet to print out and stick to your monitor contains our favorites from  Adobe’s detailed overview.

The shortcuts work with Adobe Photoshop CC and Photoshop CS6.

An article by the COMPAREX Editorial Team

1 Cycle through open documents: Do you frequently process several images at once? Use the keyboard combination "Control" + ""Tab to switch between open documents literally at the push of a button.

Shortcut 1/10

Cycle through open documents

2 Group layers: Grouping layers helps you keep the layer panel tidier and your projects better organized. The keyboard shortcuts "Control" + "G" for Windows and "Command" + "G" for Mac OS lets users group layers that bit quicker.

Shortcut 2/10

Group layers

3 Nudge the measurements in increments of 10: Whether it’s the image size or the font, you sometimes need to tweak things a little to find the right measurement for the perfect image. The keyboard shortcut "Shift" + "Down" or "Up" Arrow lets you increase or decrease the values shown in the control panel in increments of ten.

Shortcut 3/10

Nudge the measurements in increments of 10

4 Place objects: Wouldn’t a photo look nice on the flyer? The Place command adds a photo, art, or any Photoshop-supported file to your document. Windows users press the combination "Alt" + "T" + "P" to place objects that bit quicker. Mac OS users press "Option" + "T" + "P".

Shortcut 4/10

Place objects

5 The Magic Wand Tool: The Magic Wand is used if you want to select an area with the same or very similar colors, for instance a blue sky. It recognizes pixels with comparable tones and colors. "W" is the magic key you press to access the tool without bothersome clicking (does not work in type mode).

Shortcut 5/10

The Magic Wand Tool

6 Crop tool: Are you looking to take your colleague’s head from one image and insert it into a funny birthday card? No problem: Press "C" to open the cropping tool a bit faster (does not work in type mode).

Shortcut 6/10

Crop tool

7 Mirror tool: Mirroring can create interesting effects. Press "M" (does not work in type mode) to open the mirror tool without taking your fingers off the keyboard.

Shortcut 7/10

Mirror tool

8 Red-eye tool: While all your colleagues may be smiling cheerily on the staff photo, your boss has red eyes. Group photos can be really challenging. But at least it’s easy to remove the red eyes: Just press "E" (does not work in type mode).

Shortcut 8/10

Red-eye tool

9 Open the black-and-white dialog box: Maybe the motif for the new campaign would look better in black-and-white? Just give it a go by pressing the combination "Shift" + "Control" + "Alt" + "B" for Windows users or "Shift" + "Command" + "Option" + "B" for Mac OS users.

Shortcut 9/10

Open the black-and-white dialog box

10 Revert to the last version: Has something gone wrong? The "F12" key will take you straight back to the last version you saved.

Shortcut 10/10

Revert to the last version

 Too many keyboard shortcuts at once? Our  compact cheat sheet, is always on hand to help refresh your memory. Simply print it out and stick it to your monitor.

Leipzig, 21.09.2016

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