10 shortcuts when delivering presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint

We recently presented ten keyboard shortcuts that make creating presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint easier. Of course, there are also some tricks that help you deliver your presentation with Microsoft Power Point. Again, we chose our ten favorite shortcuts to run through presentations smoothly. The shortcuts apply to PowerPoint 2013 and 2016 and work if you select English as a language for PowerPoint. A nifty  cheat sheet to print out and stick to your monitor makes sure you’ll always have our favorite keyboard shortcuts right in front of your eyes. It’s available to download in the right hand column.

1 Set new timings while rehearsing: Practice makes perfect! Have a test run through your presentation to check how much time you need for each slide. Chose the option rehearse timings in the tab slide show. To determine the timings press "T".

Trick 1: Set new timings while sharing

Set new timings while rehearsing

2 Perform the next animation or advance to the next slide: N, ENTER, PAGE DOWN, RIGHT ARROW, DOWN ARROW, or SPACEBAR – you have plenty of choices when it comes to proceeding with your presentation.

Trick 2/10: Perform the next animation

Perform the next animation

3 Go to slide number: Your colleague John has a question regarding what you have said on the first slide? Press number + "ENTER" to show a specific slide.

Trick 3/10: Go to a certain slide number

Go to slide number

4 Stop or restart an automatic presentation: Why always postpone discussions at the end of a presentation? Stop an automatic presentation for valuable input by pressing "S". Restart the presentation with the same shortcut.

Trick 4/10: Stop or restart an automatic presentation

Stop or restart an automatic presentation

5 Hide the pointer and navigation button immediately: This one is for perfectionists. Use the combination of "CTRL" + "H" to hide disturbing features.

Trick 5/10: Hide the pointer and navigation button immediately

Hide the pointer and navigation button immediately

6 View the computer task bar: Of course you can always go back to the computer task bar by hitting "CTRL" + "T".

Trick 6/10: View the computer task bar

View the computer task bar

7 Toggle between play and pause: The use of media makes your presentation more interesting. If your audience wants to discuss a video right away press "ALT" + "P" to switch between play or pause.

Trick 7/10: Toggle between play and pause

Toggle between play and pause

8 Increase or decrease the sound volume: If a video is too loud or too quiet you can easily change the volume. Press "ALT" + "Up" increase the sound and "ALT" + "Down" to decrease it.

Trick 8/10: Add / end audio

Increase / decrease the sound volume

9 Mute the sound: Psst… if you want no sound at all use the combination "ALT" + "U".

Trick 9/10: Mute the sound

Mute the sound

10 Display the shortcut menu: The last one is a real all-rounder. Press "SHIFT" + "F10" to show the shortcut menu and choose between a variety of functions.

Trick 10/10: Display the shortcut menu

Display the shortcut menu

 No matter how illustrative and informative your presentation may be, it can be wise to turn your audience’s attention off the screen in order to trigger discussions. So here is our extra tip: If you press "B" or "W" the screen turns black and white respectively. The same shortcuts will bring you back to the presentation in no time.

Leipzig, 6/24/2016

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