10 Shortcuts for OneNote (Plus: Free Cheat Sheet)

Create mind maps, make lists or paint little pictures. Everyone has their own way to record brainwaves and ideas. But no matter which method you prefer, Microsoft OneNote is a great way to keep notes clearly ordered, to add or alter contents easily and to retrieve thoughts with no trouble at all. The  right keyboard combinations can even make management of the digital notebook a fair bit easier. We’ve picked ten keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft OneNote and put them together in one cheat sheet. The cheat sheet is available for download or to read together with the explanations  right here.

The keyboard shortcuts apply to OneNote 2013 and 2016.

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1 Open a notebook: It really doesn’t matter whether you want to open a new notebook or access a current one, it will all be a little bit quicker using the keyboard combination "Ctrl" + "O".

Shortcut 1/10

Open a notebook

2 Create a new section: Various sections can be defined within a notebook. This is a good way to introduce clearer structure to complex notes and other things. Press "Ctrl" + "T" to open a new section without taking your hands off the keyboard.

Shortcut 2/10

Create a new section

3 Open a small OneNote window to create a side note: There is a separate window to accommodate side notes. This small window for additional information opens by pressing the keyboard combination "Ctrl"+ "Shift" + "M" or "Windows" + "Alt" + "N".

Shortcut 3/10

Open a small OneNote window to create a side note

4 Highlight selected text: You can underline or mark texts to your heart’s content and in an amazing array of colors in the digital notebook as well. Press "Ctrl" + "Shift" + "H" or "Ctrl" + "Alt" + "H" to highlight your selected passage of text.

Shortcut 4/10

Highlight selected text

5 Insert documents, files, pictures etc. on the current page: Sometimes bullet point notes are just not enough. It certainly is handy that OneNote lets you link Excel tables, images and other objects to your notebook. The keyboard combination "Alt" + "N" (then choose a letter) opens the Insert tab, and each option on the task bar is assigned a letter. Pick your preferred letter to create a more lively design for your notebook.

Shortcut 5/10

Insert documents, files, pictures etc. on the current page

6 Indent a paragraph from the left: Indents bring clarity to your bullet points and to do lists. The keyboard combination "Alt" + "Shift" + "→" (right arrow) is a convenient trick to make this step a little easier.

Shortcut 6/10

Indent a paragraph from the left

7 Insert the current date and time: It is important to keep a clear overview of notes for longer projects, also in terms of time. Press "Alt" + "Shift" + "F" to automatically insert the current date and time.

Shortcut 7/10

Insert the current date and time

8 Apply, mark, or clear the 'To Do' tag: What do I need to get finished by next week? Use the convenient "Ctrl" + "1" combination to create to do lists. The same combination lets you remove the day’s list once you have completed all the items.

Shortcut 8/10

Apply, mark, or clear the 'To Do' tag

9 Apply, mark, or clear the 'Important' tag: You need to keep an eye on some notes in particular. The keyboard combination "Ctrl" + "2" allows you to mark certain notes as important, and is also used to remove the marking.

Shortcut 9/10

Apply, mark, or clear the 'Important' tag

10 Send the selected pages in an e-mail message: Do you want to share your notes with your colleague Paul? No problem. Press the keyboard combination "Ctrl" + "Shift" + "E" to keep Paul up-to-date by e-mailing him selected pages from your notebook.

Shortcut 10/10

Send the selected pages in an e-mail message

 Are these too many keyboard shortcuts at once? Our compact  OneNote shortcuts cheat sheet, is always on hand to help refresh your memory. Simply print it out and stick it to your monitor.

By the way: Our practical cheat sheets to print out are also available for other Microsoft Office programs like  PowerPoint or  Outlook.

Leipzig, 27.09.2016

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