Happy 1st Cake Day, Windows 10!

… and thanks for the Anniversary Update!

Windows 10 is celebrating its first anniversary and has every reason to be jubilant. Vendor Microsoft is now giving the 350 million strong community using the operating system a handsome present in its Anniversary Update. But instead of cake it comes with various improvements and new features – the kind of gift to get our juices flowing. Below is our summary of the new features for corporate and EDU customers.

It will be available to all customers in the next few days: the first major Windows 10 update. Improved productivity, more protection and fun – these are the factors that the developer team at Microsoft are aiming for with the Anniversary Update. They focused their attention on six core topics for corporate and EDU customers: Security , Windows Ink , Cortana , Microsoft Edge , App-V/UE-V  and EDUcation .

An overview of the new features:


Here Microsoft has invested even more energy in an already secure system:

  • Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (WDATP) uses what are now the world’s most comprehensive sensor systems and evaluations by the expert team at Microsoft and its security affiliates to detect, analyze and respond to malware attacks.
  • Around the world most information is lost due to unintentional data leaks. Windows Information Protection (until now Enterprise Data Protection) safeguards corporate data by separating it from personal data.
  • In future, Windows Hello will enable biometric access to applications and the Microsoft Edge browser. The malware protection system Windows Defender has also been upgraded: Now users have the option to automatically perform regular quick system scans and to respond promptly on the basis of reports.

Windows Ink

Digital writing, just like on paper? Windows Ink is a new feature of the Anniversary Update and is reputed to almost replicate the natural writing experience. It will not only be useful for graphic designers, as it allows users to add manual notes or comments to documents or screenshots. Students can add equations by hand. The application will allow ‘sticky notes’ and other handy tools.


The Windows 10 digital assistant Cortana will now have a larger activity radius, and can even help when the screen is locked. For instance it can start music on the PC or answer questions if the user doesn’t want to log on. The Microsoft developers have also worked on Cortana’s memory. It can now save more information (What was my flight number again?) across multiple devices.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge, the Windows 10 Internet browser, will become even more energy efficient, safe and fast thanks to the update. This means that websites will load quicker, background activities can be minimized and the browser will need less memory and CPU cycles. Microsoft put it through its paces: Microsoft Edge is reputed to last three hours longer than Google Chrome. And it now supports the Internet standards HTML5, CSS3 and ARIA.

App-V & UE-V

What’s more, the update gives all Windows 10 Enterprise und Windows 10 Education customers the App Virtualization App-V Client and User Environment Virtualization (UE-V). They will both be distributed integrated in Windows 10 and with unchanged features.  According to Microsoft information, they are two of the most popular components in the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Packs. Now preinstalled, the effort to download and install them is now no longer necessary.


The Anniversary Update comes with a stack of innovation for teachers and students:

  • The Set up School PC app lets teachers configure their students’ devices in just three easy steps, even without their own IT support.
  • The updated Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer allows students with their own IT support to configure several devices at the same time.
  • Teachers use the Take a Test app to create and set tests on their PCs in hermetic virtual environments. Copy-paste of external online content (Hello Wikipedia!) or from other documents will be a thing of the past.

 Although the Anniversary Update has lots of things to offer consumers – gamers for instance (Xbox Store will be available in the Windows Store, Cortana, etc.) – the main focus of the Microsoft developer team was to create additional amenities for corporate and EDU customers in order to ensure a safe, fast and convenient work environment.

Leipzig, 02.08.2016

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