Cheat Sheet: Hotkeys and Shortcut Keys for Microsoft Skype Instant Messaging

If you want to smoothly navigate yourself through your work day, shortcuts can help you to be a tad more quickly. When it comes to instant messaging, voice calls and Video conferencing in Skype for Business Microsoft provides an extended list of shortcuts you can choose from. Here is the COMPAREX cheat sheet with our top ten recommendations.

1 Reduce background noises: If you attend larger webinars with more than four participants, it is basic etiquette to try to keep office murmurs, tea kettles and traffic noises out. Mute your audio and leave the stage to the presenters. If you want to quickly join the discussion, here’s the shortcut.

Hint 1: Self-mute / unmute audio

Self-mute / unmute audio

2 Move to the phone tab: This is one of the basic shortcuts you have probably seen already used by Alex, the office geek.

Hint 2: Move to the phone tab

Move to the phone tab

3 Take back control while presenting: So you are the all-time-record-ICT-ticket-opener of your company? Then you are used to people taking over control of your screen and this shortcut is perfect for you to claim it back.

Hint 3: Take back control when sharing your screen

Take back control when sharing your screen

4 Stop sharing your screen: If "Let me show this on my screen" is a phrase you commonly use, than here’s a little shortcut for you.
"Ctrl + Shift + S" stops any views on your screen immediately.

Hint 4: Stop sharing your screen

Stop sharing your screen

5 View your downloads: You are chatting with Tom about your current projects. Tom has worked very hard on this new flyer. It’s brave and fancy and he is really proud of the overall layout. Quick, check out the PDF in your conversation window. Open with "Alt + P"

Hint 5: Open a file that's been received

Open a file that's been received

6 Save your downloads: So Toms flyer is indeed exceptional. You want to show it to Vivien then? Then quick, save it!

Hint 6: Open the Save-Dialog

Open the "Save As" Dialog

7 Save your IM contents One of the key tasks of Outlook is its archive function. Did you know that you can also archive your Skype for Business contents in Outlook? For the next inspiring, informative, important conversation, keep this simple shortcut in mind.

Hint 7: Save the Content of the IM history

Save the contents of IM history. Works for 1:1 conversations using Outlook

8 Add audio to chat: That’s an easy one. "Ctrl + Enter". When does it apply? There are times when your thoughts are quicker than your fingertips. Then it’s time to add a call to your skype conversation window.

Hint 8: Add / end audio

Add / end audio

9 Close conversation windows: Annie, Thomas, Paul ... Do you suffer from the too-many-tabs-syndrome with conversation windows in skype? This shortcut will help.

Hint 9: Close the current conversation window

Close the current conversation window

10 Turn the camera off (and on): We like our last recommendation for its smoothness. When you – working at home – are in the middle of a video-call and "Felicitas", your beloved cat, decides to jump in and join your presentation, this shortcut might save your day.

Hint 10: Turn the camera on / off

Turn the camera on / off

Leipzig, 2/1/2016

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