The Most Important (NEW) Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10

Windows 10 brings plenty of new features, including an improved Start menu, the digital voice-controlled assistant Cortana, the new browser Microsoft Edge and virtual desktops. Familiar and new keyboard functions make operation even simpler and more efficient. Below you will find a  Windows 10 Shortcuts Cheat Sheet with the most important shortcuts. Our recommendation: print it out and stick it to your monitor! In doing so, you always have our favorite keyboard shortcuts right in front of your eyes.

Keyboard shortcuts help users to complete tasks quickly and efficiently, instead of clicking laboriously through the menus. The following table contains new shortcuts introduced together with Windows 10.

Keyboard shortcut Function / Operation
Windows key + CTRL + D Add a virtual desktop
Windows key + CTRL + Switch to the virtual desktop on the right
Windows key + CTRL + Switch to the virtual desktop on the left
Windows key + CTRL + F4 Close the current virtual desktop
Windows key + A Open Action center on the right of the screen
Windows key + S Open Search and place the cursor in the input field
Windows key + Tab Open Task view (Task view then remains open)
Windows key + X Open the Admin menu in the left-hand bottom corner of the screen
Windows key + Q Open Search using Cortana and voice control
Alt + TAB

Hold: Opens Task view

Release: Switch to the app

As if that were not enough, there are plenty of other old but gold shortcuts that can still be used in Windows 10.

Keyboard shortcut Function / Operation
Windows key Open the Start menu
Windows key + D Switch to desktop view
Windows key + E Open Windows Explorer
Windows key + U Open Ease of Access Center (magnifier, screen keyboard, high contrast etc.)
Windows key + L Lock the computer
Windows key + I Open settings / information
Windows key + H Share content (if supported by the active app)
Windows key + S Open Search

And for the sake of completeness, it is worth mentioning the following keyboard shortcuts introduced with previous versions of Windows.

Keyboard shortcut Function / Operation
CTRL + C or CTRL + INS Copy the selected element
CTRL + X Cut the selected element
CTRL + V or SHIFT + INS Paste the selected element
CTRL + Z Undo an action
Alt + F4 Close the active element or end the active app

 Too much information? Download an overview with the most important keyboard shortcuts  here. Optimized to suit your display and keyboard.

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