5 Useful Functions in Skype for Business

Skype for Business  has brought us all closer together. The program has become indispensable for companies operating on an international stage in particular. Employees in Hong Kong, Berlin and San Francisco can hold meetings at the drop of a hat, collaborate on documents or chat. COMPAREX has put together five useful functions that every user should know in order to use the tool as efficiently as possible.

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1 Use shortcuts: Shortcuts make using Skype for Business that bit faster and more efficient. COMPAREX has compiled 10 handy keyboard shortcuts  that facilitate its integration in workflows. You can’t memorize them all? Not a problem, as we provide a practical Skype for Business Cheat Sheet  as part of the deal.

2 Use Outlook to create Skype for Business meetings: You can use the calendar feature to conveniently schedule Skype meetings. Once you have reviewed your colleagues’ calendars and found an appointment, simply click on the button "New Skype Meeting" and select a date, topic and the persons who need to attend.

3 Start meetings directly in PowerPoint: Let’s assume you are collaborating on a PowerPoint presentation with a colleague from a different branch and you want to get together with him to give it a once over. The quickest solution is to go to the tab "Slide Show", click on the option "Present online" and then select "Skype for Business". This screen gives you the option to join a current Skype meeting or to launch a new one.

4 Record meetings in Skype for Business: Your colleague Jason from Chicago has called in sick and is unable to attend an important Skype meeting? Not a problem at all. It’s so easy to record the meetings to make sure that Jason can stay up-to-date with what was discussed. To do this, the meeting presenter clicks on the "Options" button in the bottom right section, and then selects "Start recording".

5 Use Skype for Business on a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet:  Staff working out in the field do not have to go without Skype for Business, as the app lets them launch the service on their smartphones or tablets. All you need to do is to install the app, sign in, and you can chat or telephone with your colleagues at any time, no matter where they happen to be. And if MS Exchange or Office 365 has been implemented on the smartphone or tablet, you will be able to use these services in a collaborative setting as well.

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