Fighting Ransomware With Acronis Backup 12.5

If you want something new and innovative – start thinking big! Entirely in keeping with this motto, Acronis launched its new 12.5 version of Acronis Backup Standard and Advanced on May 31, 2017. Besides proven technologies, Acronis has also included the Active Protection feature as a trendsetting contribution to protection from encryption Trojans. This article takes a closer look at what Acronis Backup 12.5 can offer and how it ensures successful protection from ransomware attacks.

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First, let’s take a general look at version 12.5 :

Acronis Hybrid Cloud Architecture
Source: Acronis

As we saw in its predecessors, version 12.5 also provides a uniform platform to back up your entire environment, including the PCS, servers, mobile devices, applications and virtualization hosts. Backing up Azure or AWS machines and Office 365 is now possible as well. What’s more, not only has Acronis expanded support for new operating system versions, it has also rolled out a dedicated agent for Oracle databases. As before, all agents can be seamlessly integrated within a centrally administrable management system.

The newly introduced, web-based management console makes operation and monitoring more flexible and independent. You also have the option of operating your management server in the Acronis cloud (requirement: a subscription license). In addition, version 12.5 will give you what you wanted if you have craved a role-based administration option as well. Check out this overview of Acronis Backup 12.5 for all supported features and matching licenses.

Keeping things tidy: Optimized licensing of Acronis Backup 12.5

Acronis has also introduced a few improvements to its licensing system. Version 11.7 originally had 21 license types, which have now been grouped into nine. Not only does this mean benefits in terms of licensing, it also helps to keep the whole process of license management neat and tidy.

Protection from ransomware: How Acronis Backup 12.5 fends off encryption Trojans

The magic word is “Acronis Active Protection”! It is an integral feature in all new version 12.5 suites.

Acronis Active Protection
Source: Acronis

These days, barely a week passes without the latest iteration of encryption Trojans hitting the headlines. Petya is now wreaking havoc, hard on the heels of Goldeneye and WannaCry. But the purpose of these Trojans is almost always the same: To encrypt data that will only be released after payment of a ransom (bitcoins). Recent victims include companies of all sizes, public administrations, critical infrastructures and governments themselves, in addition to private individuals.

How does Acronis Active Protection work?

The Active Protection function scans a system’s current processes and evaluates them using a heuristic method. Encryption processes are detected by their behavior and are stopped immediately. This functionality is familiar from products offered by relevant security providers. But Active Protection uses the recently performed backup to immediately restore any data that the Trojan may have already encrypted.

Essentially, Active Protection is not a replacement for high-performance security solutions. Instead, it offers additional protection for the event that security is unable to stop the attack. Trojans deploy constantly evolving malicious code, which can become a problem in systems that use exclusively signature-based scans. Active Protection is based on a heuristic search, so it offers protection against future and potentially unknown encryption Trojans. It is very likely that your systems will also run intentional and benevolent encryption operations (e.g.: Encryption of sensitive data). The white- and blacklist function lets you establish categories during system configuration to ensure that only malicious operations are classified as such.

Hit or miss? A summary

We believe that Acronis Active Protection provides a simple and ingenious set of features to provide comprehensive protection against ransomware and to increase the effectiveness of current security measures.

Our tip: Download a trial version of Acronis Backup 12.5 Standard/Advanced and put the new features like Active Protection through their paces.

Would you like to learn more about how Acronis Backup 12.5 protects against ransomware?

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Leipzig, 20.09.2017

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