Three Clever Ways to Reduce Your Software Costs

In an age of austerity, many companies are placing their trust in software asset management – SAM for short. After all, a well-conceived SAM strategy and the right tool can substantially reduce the costs for software while at the same time significantly increasing security .

Simple and effective, the following three methods are certain to bring rapid success.

An article by Clara Schwarz, Senior Marketing Manager, Software Asset Management at COMPAREX

Clara Schwarz, Senior Marketing Manager, Software Asset Management at COMPAREX

Clara Schwarz

Method #1: Cut software products with the same function

Reduce to a minimum the number of different software products that satisfy identical functions. A classic example is software to edit PDFs. There are stacks of providers that more or less offer the same things. But you can benefit from attractive volume discounts if your company consistently eliminates the large number of providers by using PDF editing programs from just one vendor.

Method #2: Standardize your software versions

The workload for internal support will grow incrementally with the number of software versions running in your company. Let’s take Adobe as an example. Many companies use different iterations of Acrobat Professional, Acrobat Standard and Photoshop. The various versions have different requirements when updating the operating system, each of which will need individual support. It’s much easier if only one version of your software is installed.

Method #3: Prevent unwanted software from harming your system

You can probably guess already. Keeping a close eye on all of the software installed on your system will help you discover plenty of potential savings, as well as identifying applications that present a significant security risk. They include games, applications with Internet access, network applications or cracker tools.

Every installation, however small it may be, provides attackers with backdoor access that might make security software pointless.

Would you like a detailed overview of your software?

You need an up-to-date and precise overview of your software installations in order to identify potential savings. The best solution would be a combined radar and sensor device that lets you detect and define the properties of all software at any time. This is precisely what the Portfolio Management Platform does.

What you receive:

  • automated software detection, including all characteristics (e.g. version, edition, language, function, support etc.)
  • for more than 14,000 vendors and 800,000 releases (including custom software)
  • individual advice to make money with your findings.

The complete facts at a glance

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