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It comes as a surprise every year: Where the shops had just recently been stacked with smiling figures of Father Christmas, we then find Easter bunnies and brightly painted eggs. “This early?” is your automatic response. “A masterpiece of logistics”, say the employees in the retail sector. After all, the sales staff in the supermarket do not have their own stationary computer workstation like their colleagues in the office. So many of the processes that are used to make sure that everything is placed in its rightful position on the shelves tend to be managed offline. The layout plan for the shelf arrangements is printed out, copied and then scanned again – the same procedure as was used a decade ago. It is high time that the staff working “on the shop floor” are integrated into the digital infrastructure. We’ll show you how to improve the organization of your everyday routines with Office 365 F1, spruce up your staff connectivity and in doing so boost the overall efficiency of your workflows.

An article by Thino Ullmann , Senior Technical Presales Executive at COMPAREX

Thino Ullmann, Sales Executive at COMPAREX

Thino Ullmann


Microsoft claims that 80 percent of all employees can be classified as firstline workers. Among them we find sales assistants, tradesmen, production staff, nurses and service employees. Altogether they tend to be company members who are not assigned a stationary computer workstation. It is only logical then that the requirements of such employees in regard to progressive digitization differ from those of typical office staff. They are looking for easily workable tools that slim down the processes of time management, vacation planning and administrative workloads.

The easy way to meet the needs of firstline workers

Cost constraints are frequently the reasons preventing the integration of firstline workers into a company’s digital infrastructure. In Office 365, Microsoft has now responded to the various user requirements and offers stacks of licensing options in its F1 plan, essentially ensuring the right license with the best software solution is available to accommodate any scenario. Depending on the company size, this can mean – also from a monetary perspective – that organizations may benefit significantly from considering these options when rolling out their IT systems.

The Office 365 F1 Plan brings together the following apps:

  • Microsoft StaffHub, Teams and Outlook
  • Microsoft Office-Online, SharePoint, Sway and Yammer
  • Skype for Business and OneDrive for Business
  • Microsoft Stream, Flow and PowerApps

Pocket-sized time and task management with Microsoft StaffHub

For example, 81 percent of Germans use a smartphone (source: Statista). So why is the employee roster still posted on the fridge in the break room? StaffHub lets you create rosters and tasks and then update them in real time. Share the work shift plans to ensure that every staff member can access them on mobile devices or personal computers, wherever they happen to be. This is the easiest way to manage shift changes, without turning the entire process into an intricate feat of logistics. Automating all your important team processes with Office 365 F1 is, simply put, child’s play.

Connecting staff with Skype for Business and Yammer

Some employees like to make their organization easier by setting up WhatsApp groups. However laudable their efforts may be, the platform is – unfortunately – neither a secure environment to share proprietary company information, nor will all the vital stakeholders in the process belong to the group. This can quickly lead to knowledge dissipation within the team. You can get around these risks by integrating Skype for Business as a communications tool. Team members and their colleagues can share information immediately and directly with Yammer or Skype for Business, without having to swap their cell numbers first. Issues can be dealt with easily in real-time chats or in Skype for Business online conferences on virtually any device. This gives you agile and dynamic options to foster team cohesion. Among other things, you can share documents, announcements and videos, or post best practices on team websites.

Central management and archiving of your company knowledge with SharePoint

SharePoint lets you give all current and new employees easy access to all the information they need. Scans, print-outs and copies? Excessive paperwork will become a thing of the past. Help your staff stay abreast of all new workflows by posting regular information about upcoming sales promotions, announcements and current trends. The staff in your outlet can easily access all the information on their smartphones.

Identity and access management for firstline workers

It couldn’t be simpler to manage your employees’ access permissions and accounts with Office 365 F1. Team leaders can create dynamic communities and adjust the team size to suit current requirements. No matter whether it’s a personal or company device, you will always have access to the same functions for identity management. Office 365 F1 gives IT administrators complete control in the interests of corporate security – without inhibiting the staff in any way. Quite the contrary: With the Office 365 F1 Plan, Microsoft enables needs-based licensing that adjusts to the specific use scenarios of firstline workers, which in turn significantly improves their everyday routines.

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