How Office 365 Enterprise E5 Can Replace Your Local Telephone System

It’s a familiar situation for many companies: Classic telephone systems from the 1990s have become obsolete. Attempts at modernization are heavy on maintenance, inflexible and expensive. But what about simply integrating the telephone system into your current collaboration strategy? We’ll show you how Office 365 lets you manage landline and mobile calls with Skype for Business. After all, this feature will not only replace local telephone systems in many companies, it will make the entire process of communication much more efficient!

An article by Thino Ullmann , Senior Technical Presales Executive at COMPAREX

Thino Ullmann, Sales Executive at COMPAREX

Thino Ullmann


Efficient collaboration is only possible when the key applications are smoothly and seamlessly integrated. Aside from mail, messenger and file sharing applications, this also includes the telephone system. The Office 365 Enterprise E5 Plan lets you add typical telephone conference features to Skype for Business – with complete integration in your current Office portfolio. The features and add-ons contained in the E5 Plan weave calls, call forwarding, telephone conferences and voicemail into a system of cloud-based call management. Employees can accept, forward, pause and resume calls – at just one click.

Maximum consistency for collaboration in Office 365 E5

All Office 365 applications are connected, so it only takes a quick call to resolve misunderstandings in email communication – without even picking up the receiver. Simply click on the name to dial the number of the email sender.

For internal collaboration, a simple call on Skype for Business can quickly be transformed into a productive meeting. Just connect your colleagues with the call to work together on a document or share your screen to clarify uncertainties in a live setting.

What’s more, the status display and caller ID provides important information about who you are calling, helping to foster seamless connectivity and improved communication between your employees.

Switching to Office 365 “Phone System” and “Audio Conferencing”

The Office 365 telecommunication system can be operated as an integral solution (“Phone System”, formerly Cloud PBX) or in a hybrid environment (“Audio Conferencing”, formerly PSTN Conferencing), and therefore in connection with your current telephone systems or other telephone providers. The hybrid Audio Conferencing solution lets companies work with an on-premises PSTN connection, whereby Office 365 creates a cloud connection to the current telephone system or an installed PSTN gateway. This solution is particularly suitable if companies want to continue using their current telephone infrastructure. Users are hosted in Office 365, and Skype for Business is launched from the desktop to place calls.

“Phone System” gives companies wanting to replace their former telephone infrastructure a voice system hosted in Office 365. The benefit: All familiar PBX functions are available, but without the complicated and expensive equipment.

The Phone System and Audio Conferencing applications are available to you as part of an Office 365 Enterprise E5 subscription, but can also be booked as add-ons to other licensing models.

Reach colleagues at any location – With Skype for Business and your preferred device

Painfully costly long distance calls and video conferences in poor transmission quality are now confined to the annals of history. Office 365 E5 connects your telephone system with the global Microsoft Network. This way, you can benefit from the immense efficiency of the Microsoft Cloud, wherever you happen to be. Calls between Skype for Business users are free and you can a book calling plan that suits your needs if you want to contact persons outside your company. There are national and international calling plans available for Office 365.

Security and cost efficiency – A one-stop solution with Skype for Business

Besides outstanding usability, the cloud-based telephone system automatically remains state-of-the-art and hence comes with all the latest features, putting an end to intricate and expensive additional gear, as well as the associated maintenance cost. Process owners within the company will be delighted by the simple management, as administrators will only need a single admin panel. Employee accounts, subscriptions and activations are managed in a simple and structured form. What’s more, Microsoft provides strong authentication and encryption to protect all communication via Skype for Business.

Also vital: The document library. Which rooms need to be cleaned? When is the guest departing? Are there special wishes that have to be considered? Instead of printing out 12 A4 pages with this information every morning, hotel managers can simply use the app to access the latest booking plan. John and his colleagues are equally delighted at the easier application processes to exchange shifts or take a few days off. John is actually scheduled to work on his father-in-law’s birthday and would like to take the day off, so he just posts a question on StaffHub to see if someone in the team can take his shift. A colleague agrees, and so the application is simply forwarded to the line manager. All the manager needs to do is click on “Confirm”, as a stand-in is already available.

Your extended opportunities and benefits with Office 365 Phone System and Audio Conferencing

John is among the longest serving staff members at the hotel. Usually he will know the right answer to most any question. But new colleagues may still be finding their way around: Where do I find additional blankets? To what temperature should I set the room? Where’s the best place to spend my break? The app’s chat function allows new employees to ask their more experienced colleagues any questions that may come up - from day one. StaffHub comes with all the familiar private messenger services, with group chats too coordinate lunch meet-ups or solve problems without further ado.

With Microsoft StaffHub, the hotel has introduced a key tool to manage time, work and communication more efficiently. Firstline workers like John in particular can use Microsoft StaffHub to access rosters and documents and other relevant information during their shifts or at home. This saves time, simplifies collaboration and makes coordination far more convenient. Share, build networks and achieve more together: StaffHub provides ideal connection for Firstline Workers.

  • Skype Meeting Broadcast: Allows you to plan and hold meetings with up to 10,000 participants.
  • Analytics: Power BI, the cloud-based tool for business intelligence (BI) and analytics, as well as Delve Organizational Analytics for enterprise-wide data analyses, let you launch business analyses from your desktop, easily and conveniently adding to the successful Power BI features.
  • Security: Predictive eDiscovery protects your documents and data in various Office 365 products against unauthorized access. Analyses with Predictive eDiscovery automatically recognize security-relevant content in documents, secure attachments and safe URLs. The technology is based on the new email filter Advanced Threat Protection for Exchange Online.
  • Customer Lockbox: The new tool provides advanced access control for sensitive company information in a variety of Office 365 tools.

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