The company

Who is Dataserv?

Dataserv Information Technologies Inc. was incorporated in 1997 to provide solutions in the enterprise software market, as Turkish Market’s IT requirements accelerated rapidly as it still does.

Primarily concentrating on the transformation of IT infrastructures Dataserv offers a variety of software solutions and services in the fields of Digital Transformation, Risk & Compliance, Software Licensing, Cloud Computing, IT Automation and Big Data. The company serves as the Turkish agent of some of the largest global vendors in these areas of expertise.

Who are Dataserv’s customers?

Dataserv’s customers can be found in a great diversity of sectors. This includes Telco, finance, energy, public, retail, insurance, etc.


COMPAREX is a global IT provider specializing in license management, sourcing, technical product consulting and cloud-based professional services. With a track record spanning thirty years, COMPAREX serves the public-sector, SMB and large international corporations. Its portfolio includes software licenses from more than 3,000 vendors as well as consultancy and professional services. The COMPAREX Group employs more than 2,150 people at over 80 locations in 33 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. In fiscal year 2014/15 the COMPAREX Group generated revenue of €1.770 billion / $2,236 billion.

Who are COMPAREX’s most important customers?

Small to medium-sized enterprises, public services, and industrial and international corporations across a variety of segments are among the COMPAREX customers.

The acquisition

What are COMPAREX’s goals in acquiring Dataserv?

The Turkish software market is known for its size and potential. Turkey itself plays an important role in economic ties with other countries in which COMPAREX already operates. This is why COMPAREX has always been keen to establish a presence in Turkey.

The company is thrilled to enter the market after four years of research and preparation together with the strong Dataserv team. As a pioneer in delivering software licensing and cloud services Dataserv is a perfect fit for COMPAREX’s Turkish SoftCare offering.

Why did Dataserv decide to merge with COMPAREX?

Dataserv believes, that COMPAREX is a strategic partner to strengthen Dataserv’s current software solution set. Also, Dataserv will benefit from COMPAREX’s global standards and SoftCare approach to assist its customers with better service and quality.

What size of interest will COMPAREX acquire?

COMPAREX acquires a majority share.

What did the transaction cost?

Both parties have agreed to refrain from disclosing the terms of the contract.

Will Dataserv remain independent, or will it be integrated within the COMPAREX Group?

COMPAREX plans a rapid integration of Dataserv within the COMPAREX Group in order to leverage synergies as quickly as possible. This will enable the fastest possible exploitation of all benefits, starting with a central ERP system and continuing to available information systems such as the SharePoint platform COMPEDIA, and ultimately the communication system as a whole. The organization will operate under the COMPAREX brand.

Information on integration and the measures that this will involve will be released shortly. All central departments will support smooth and speedy integration within their areas of responsibility.

What will happen to the Dataserv brand?

The Dataserv brand will continue its mission in the field of IT consultancy under the COMPAREX brand in Turkey.

Who will lead the organization? What will happen to the management team at Dataserv?

The management team including CEO Irmak Pakdemir agreed to stay in the company for long term.

Does this affect contracts with customers, partners or employees?

No. All contracts with Dataserv will remain unchanged, and based on the same terms.

What will change for the Dataserv customers?

Customers benefit from market-leading licensing and cloud expertise and from the international presence of COMPAREX as a company operating worldwide. All customer contact persons will remain in place.

In what way will Dataserv partners be affected?

All partners will benefit from the extended capabilities of COMPAREX & Dataserv.

What will happen to the Dataserv portfolio?

Dataserv’s current investments to their solution set will continue and even be increased.