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Anton Neidel has been working in the IT industry for more than 12 years. As a trained IT specialist he already occupied the roles as an IT administrator, consultant and IT project manager. He is also a certified project manager according to PRINCE2 and a Microsoft Certified Professional. In his current role as a technology consultant, he advises companies strategically and technologically in a wide range of industries no matter if it is an industry or public service, 500 employees, or 100,000 employees. He is your contact for all aspects of Microsoft Azure Infrastructures and Datacenter, Microsoft Office 365, Enterprise Mobility and Security, Microsoft Windows 10. He supports Microsoft as Technical Solution Professional for the topic of Cyber Security.

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Anton Neidel, Microsoft Expert and P-Seller / P-SSP at COMPAREX

Anton's latest articles

 07/10/2017 | Anton Neidel
Why Windows 10 Can Help to Beat Cyber Attacks

WannaCry may be history. But watch out: It’s far from over! More than 300,000 new viruses, trojans and worms swarm onto the market every day. The first WannaCry variants are already in circulation! Anton Neidel shows how helpful it is to use Windows 10 to stay suitably protected against future cyberattacks.
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 05/24/2017 | Anton Neidel
ATP in Office 365 E5: What’s it all about?

These endless acronyms! Every company uses them, and the Microsoft universe is jam-packed with them as well. For instance we may encounter product acronyms like SPE and EMS or abbreviated features like the one used in today’s topic: ATP, or Advanced Threat Protection. It is a security feature in the Office 365 E5 Plan. Anton Neidel explains what functions the ATP in Office 365 E5 provides and how it works.
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 04/18/2017 | Anton Neidel
Office 365 E5 Plan: How good is the Enterprise Version?

Software vendors are constantly busy adding updates and features to their products. An E5 version is now available for Office 365. The customers are finding it increasingly difficult to keep track of which version is best suited for individual cases. Useful or useless? In this article, Anton Neidel takes a closer look at the new features of the Office 365 E5 plan.
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 10/13/2016 | Anton Neidel
What is Microsoft Office 365 und, and why should I use it?

Many Office users have difficulty working out what Microsoft Office 365 actually is. Frequently it is equated with the ‘classic’ Office product. The users therefore assume that they simply receive Word, Excel and PowerPoint, etc. ‘from the cloud’. But precisely this aspect comes with new, additional benefits. Anton Neidel, COMPAREX expert for Microsoft technologies explains what they are.
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