Christoph Vollmann, Senior SharePoint Consultant at COMPAREX

Christoph Vollmann has been with COMPAREX since the beginning of 2015. He has already worked as an independent IT consultant and developer, focusing on SharePoint Consulting since 2012. His areas of expertise include requirements analysis, conceptual design and mapping of business processes as well as consulting for Office 365.

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Christoph Vollmann - SharePoint Consultant at COMPAREX

Christoph's latest articles

 11/23/2017 | Christoph Vollmann
Your Guide to SharePoint Updates

Public Updates, Cumulative Updates, Service Packs and more. To be fair, it is not so easy to keep track of all SharePoint Updates. COMPAREX expert Christoph Vollmann offers tips and tricks that will help you negotiate the update jungle.
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 11/16/2017 | Christoph Vollmann
5 Ways To Optimize Your SharePoint Search

Are you really getting the most out of the SharePoint search? COMPAREX experts explain how the search functions work and provide 5 tips for the best ways to improve your search results.
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 09/15/2017 | Christoph Vollmann
SharePoint Online and On-Premises: a Comparison

What’s better: the cloud or on-premises? Which SharePoint version is more suitable? Our expert Christoph Vollmann has compared the models and summarized the most important differences.
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 11/02/2016 | Christoph Vollmann
Why there is currently no file hosting service alternative to OneDrive for Business

Which file hosting service ticks all the right boxes? The file hosting service OneDrive for Business might not (yet) be quite such a household name as Dropbox or Google Drive, but it is the only product currently on the market that is truly mature enough for (secure) deployment in business environments. Christoph Vollmann, SharePoint Consultant at COMPAREX, introduces the service.
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