Eric Berg, IT-Architect & MVP

Eric Berg has worked as an IT-Architect at COMPAREX since September 2015. He has a particular penchant for Microsoft technologies, and is especially interested in topics such as Windows 10, Hyper-V, System Center or Azure. He was awarded the title of Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for 3 years in a row since 2015. Before that, he was named Microsoft Partner Technology Solutions Professional (P-TSP) in 2014.

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Eric Berg – IT Consultant at COMPAREX

Eric's latest articles

 10/22/2018 | Eric Berg
Top 3 Takeaways From Microsoft Ignite

It’s about a month ago that Microsoft kicked off the new tech year with its annual Ignite conference. Over 30.000 company representatives, developers, tech nerds and IT whizz kids from all over the world headed to Orlando, Florida to hear about Microsoft’s next steps. You missed it? No worries, COMPAREX expert und Microsoft MVP Eric Berg was there and sums up Satya Nadella’s keynote.
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 05/30/2018 | Eric Berg
Why an Azure Managed Service is a Good Choice!

When you start your cloud journey, there are lots of opportunities available, but also many pitfalls you should avoid. Investing in an Azure Managed Service might be a good idea to get the best out of your cloud. Our expert Eric Berg will guide you.
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 12/20/2017 | Eric Berg
Microsoft Azure: 10 Tips to Get Started With the Cloud

Are you planning to move your data into the cloud? Microsoft Azure may ease your start and help reduce costs. Make sure you check out our 10 tips to get the most out of Azure.
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 10/23/2017 | Eric Berg
How to Conduct Tests in a Productive Environment

Testing in a productive environment? Is that even possible? Yes, says our expert and MVP Eric Berg. Read about his solution in today’s article
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 10/10/2017 | Eric Berg
Project Honolulu: What to Expect of Microsoft's New Server Management Tool

Only a few weeks ago Microsoft presented Project Honolulu at Ignite. Eric Berg, MVP and COMPAREX expert, was involved in testing and developing Microsoft’s new Server Management Tool. He explains why admins will love.
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 06/30/2016 | Eric Berg
Operating virtual systems in the cloud?! The costs and benefits of flexible provisioning

Virtual machines on the cloud platform Microsoft Azure. MVP Eric Berg takes a closer look at what it’s all about and stumbles across a couple of terms and concepts.
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 03/30/2016 | Eric Berg
Hybrid solutions instead of the full cloud: Microsoft Azure provides hybrid solutions for storage, backup/recovery and VM scenarios

Cloud solutions like Microsoft Azure permit the use of data center infrastructures as services. What’s more, they also create and execute user-defined applications as services. But it doesn’t always have to be ‘the full cloud’. It’s all about hybrid infrastructure here. So instead of making the tough decision between a dedicated data center (in other words, a private cloud) and external hosting (public cloud), it is more important to take a close look at actual requirements.
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 03/01/2016 | Eric Berg
The rudiments of Microsoft Azure: A quick guide by Eric Berg

5% of the Fortune 500 companies already use the Microsoft service Azure to access their cloud services via the Internet. What might this cloud solution look like? Eric Berg, COMPAREX Senior IT Consultant and MVP, presents the three areas of the Microsoft cloud service Azure: IaaS, PaaS and SaaS
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 12/18/2015 | Eric Berg
COMPAREX IT Consultant Eric Berg awarded the title of Microsoft MVP

Eric Berg has been awarded by Microsoft the title of “Most Valuable Professional” (MVP) in order to his outstanding work in the Microsoft Community.
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