Maximilian Hoppe, Consultant Software Asset Management

Maximilian Hoppe has been part of the COMPAREX team since 2016 and is involved in all areas of Software Asset Management. In addition to analyzing and designing processes of internationally operating companies, this also means a deep licensing knowledge from compliance projects.

Previously, Maximilian already worked as a SAM Consultant in the EPG customer environment where he supported licensing and process projects.

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Maximilian Hoppe, Consultant Software Asset Management at COMPAREX

Maximilian's latest articles

 09/05/2018 | Maximilian Hoppe
Microsoft Aquired GitHub: Consequences for the OpenSource Community

Microsoft’s takeover of the developer platform GitHub sent shockwaves through the global software programming scene. Is this the end of truly free open source software? Or is Microsoft even placing a question mark above its own proprietary strategy? The following article provides answers to the most important questions.
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 10/25/2017 | Maximilian Hoppe
Current IT Risks and Their Consequences for SAM

Zero day attacks, distributed denial-of-service or SQL injection. Are you up-to-date when it comes to current IT risks? Our expert summarizes the most important #security concerns and explains their consequences for SAM.
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 06/28/2017 | Maximilian Hoppe
How Do I License Test and Development Environments?

Finding the right software licenses for test and development environments is a science in its own right; after all, not only do the requirements change all the time, there are also numerous restrictions. Maximilian Hoppe explains why cloud solutions like Microsoft Azure can be a practical and inexpensive alternative.
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 06/21/2017 | Maximilian Hoppe
Open Source Software: Dos and Don’ts

Are you allowed to do whatever you like with open source software? Regrettably no, as the vendor’s terms of use apply here as well. Our SAM expert Maximilian Hoppe knows what happens if you fail to stick to the small print. In this article, he sheds some light on the dos and don’ts of open source software.
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 05/29/2017 | Maximilian Hoppe
Why Software Portfolio Management is an Integral Part of any Good SAM Strategy

Do I need Software Portfolio Management? Yes, says SAM consultant Maximilian Hoppe. Read why Software Portfolio Management can be the basis for long-term value creation.
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 05/22/2017 | Maximilian Hoppe
How Software Asset Management can increase your IT-Security

Security is a core issue that today occupies the entire IT industry. Leaving aside the high media exposure, hacker attacks are more sophisticated and damaging than ever before. But why is this true, if we assume that modern IT users are supposedly more ‘informed’ when it comes to the use of software systems? A basic truism from the practical world is that there is no such thing as rock-solid information when it comes to the exact details of individual risks. In this article, we indicate how good Software Asset Management can help to increase IT security.
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 04/25/2017 | Maximilian Hoppe
Creating innovation with SAM

Innovation is more than just a fashionable buzzword for companies. In many cases it represents the foundation and the entire reason for existence. Success stories from Silicon Valley to Walldorf and Leipzig are built on the principle of providing solutions that are set apart from the competition. This awareness does not merely drive the research and development departments around the world, but also – at least ideally and to a certain degree – each individual employee. SAM consultants are no different. But how can one set about designing a personal form of innovative Software Asset Management?
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 03/21/2017 | Maximilian Hoppe
Getting ready for software audits with COMPAREX

Software audits are becoming increasingly frequent and can keep entire departments busy for months – time and resources that could certainly be used to better effect elsewhere. What is the purpose behind an audit? And how can you protect yourself? Maximilian Hoppe provides some background information on the trends in license audits.
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