Mukul Chopra, Director of Digital Transformation Center (Security)

Peer acknowledged expert and thought-leader in the delivery of high availability, secure and results-oriented technology programs. Leverages 20 years of global experience on 3 continents in diverse sectors including healthcare, research, education, consulting and nonprofits.

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Mukul Chopra, Director of Digital Transformation Center Security at COMPAREX

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 07/14/2017 | Mukul Chopra
Digital Privacy Laws: How Europe Protects Your Online Data Differently than the U.S.

Both Europe and the U.S. are facing far-reaching changes regarding digital privacy laws. However, the effects on data privacy differ drastically. Mukul Chopra sheds some light on the main differences between digital privacy laws in Europe and the U.S. and explains what multinational companies operating on both continents should know.
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 06/29/2017 | Mukul Chopra
Ransomware: To Pay or Not to pay?

This week, the barrage of ransomware has once again reached global proportions. Petya, like Wannacry, will not be the last ransomware we will have to encounter. The vulnerability of our systems, and the flash fire that can engulf the planet, with an exploit in some distant land – is a scary reality. The wayward click of an unsuspecting user in Ukraine (or some other country) can create a problem that reaches virtually every shore. Our weakest point is literally every point that is connected to the internet. In this era, it is incumbent upon every company – and every person – to do their fair share of vulnerability hygiene, to protect all of us. Knowing which systems are vulnerable, is therefore a key insight, and COMPAREX has the tools and the expertise to help.
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 05/18/2017 | Mukul Chopra
The 5 Biggest Security Concerns after “WannaCry”

While we are still reeling from the aftermath of the „WannaCry“ ransomware exploit and the global impact of the cyberthreat and the extreme vulnerability of key industries, it might not be too early to start considering the next set of threats that we need to be concerned about. We have figured out the five biggest IT-Security concerns you should be aware of.
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