Thino Ullmann, Senior Technical Presales Executive

Thino has been a Senior Technical Presales Executive for Microsoft Solutions at COMPAREX since October 2015. He is specialized in Microsoft product portfolio, with a focus on Modern Workplace and Cloud Computing. In these areas, he supports companies as well as colleagues. As early as 2013, he was appointed Microsoft Partner Solutions Sales Professional (P-SSP) by Microsoft.

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Thino Ullmann - Sales Executive at COMPAREX

Thino's latest articles

 04/11/2018 | Thino Ullmann
Digitization front and center with the Office 365 F1 Plan

It is high time that the staff working “on the shop floor” are integrated into the digital infrastructure. We’ll show you how to improve the organization of your everyday routines with Office365 F1, spruce up your staff connectivity and in doing so boost the overall efficiency of your workflows.
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 03/19/2018 | Thino Ullmann
Microsoft Teams beats WhatsApp

Using a private messenger to discuss professional details with colleagues is a tricky topic if one considers the data protection and security aspects! We’ll show you how Microsoft Office 365 Teams easily knocks the socks off of WhatsApp in the heavyweight division of company requirements.
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 02/13/2018 | Thino Ullmann
Microsoft Office 2019 News: Available for Windows 10 Only

Microsoft announced in early February that Office 2019 will only run on Windows 10 in future. But that’s not all: Microsoft also revealed changes for Windows 10 and Office 365 as well. We’ve summarized the most important facts for you.
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 02/08/2018 | Thino Ullmann
Solving Data Residency Issues with the Office 365 Multi-Geo Tenant

Microsoft announced the multi-geo capabilities for Office 365 at the Ignite conference back in September. The new function will help multinational companies to tackle data residency challenges. Our expert Thino Ullmann explains what you can expect from the multi-geo tenant.
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 01/19/2018 | Thino Ullmann
How to Integrate Firstline Workers in Your Company’s Digitization

Digitization can only be successful if all employees – from the CEO to production workers – are integrated in the process. What about your Firstline Workers? Are they part of the digitization? Thino Ullmann explains how to integrate them successfully with Office 365 F1
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 12/13/2017 | Thino Ullmann
What You Need to Know About the Integration of LinkedIn in Office 365

Integration of LinkedIn in Office 365 has officially started. But what does this actually mean for you? We sum up the most important facts about the rollout.
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 11/21/2017 | Thino Ullmann
Why Software Portfolio Management is the Key to a Successful Office 365 Implementation

Are you currently implementing Office365? Our expert Thino Ullmann knows how to improve the process. Read why Software Portfolio Management is the key to a successful Office 365 implementation.
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 07/26/2017 | Thino Ullmann
Should I use Windows 10 Enterprise With or Without Software Assurance?

Is Software Assurance (SA) for Windows 10 Enterprise really worth it? Thino Ullmann summarizes the main aspects of SA and sheds some light on the pros and cons.
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 07/10/2017 | Thino Ullmann
What’s new in Windows 10 S?

Microsoft presented Windows 10 S and the Surface Laptop – designed especially for the education sector – on 3 May in New York. The software giant also took the opportunity to roll out some added goodies for Microsoft Intune, which these products support. The update will be available from summer 2017. Thino Ullmann takes a closer look at the new version of the operating system.
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 06/30/2017 | Thino Ullmann
The 5 Keys to Success with Intercultural Teams

Communication inside of companies is becoming increasingly challenging in an age of heightened globalization and internationalization. Colleagues in international positions communicate simultaneously across national borders and time zones. The distance, different cultures, languages and interests come with plenty of potential for conflict. Quite frequently this will produce damaging friction. So what can be done to ensure that intercultural teams collaborate productively and efficiently? Thino Ullmann has the winning formula for successful intercultural teamwork.
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