Thino Ullmann, Go to Market Manager Central Europe

Thino has been a Senior Technical Presales Executive for Microsoft Solutions at COMPAREX since October 2015. His current position is Go to Market Manager Central Europe. He is specialized in Microsoft product portfolio, with a focus on Modern Workplace and Cloud Computing. In these areas, he supports companies as well as colleagues. As early as 2013, he was appointed Microsoft Partner Solutions Sales Professional (P-SSP) by Microsoft.

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Thino Ullmann - Sales Executive at COMPAREX

Thino's latest articles

 10/16/2018 | Thino Ullmann
Introducing the modern workplace - an experience report

Modern workplaces are now far more than just having a collection of the latest technical gadgets at your fingertips; instead they have led to a cultural transformation within companies. In this interview, our COMPAREX experts describe how they experienced the change.
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 10/09/2018 | Thino Ullmann
Top 3 business use cases for Virtual Reality

Virtual reality crops up frequently in connection with gaming. But its influence extends way beyond this limited sphere. In fact, virtual reality will significantly transform the world of work – and the evolution is well underway, as our expert Thino Ullmann demonstrates using three clear use cases.
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 09/26/2018 | Thino Ullmann
The potential of live streaming for your organization

Livestreams are becoming more and more popular in companies, but implementation often only succeeds with costly, external resources. With Microsoft teams live events, Microsoft offers a simplified introduction.
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 08/28/2018 | Thino Ullmann
How Mixed Reality will transform the modern workplace

Virtual reality and mixed reality are promising technologies not only for industry 4.0, but also for collaboration and in times of shortage of skilled workers. A first start does not have to be costly and complex.
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 08/06/2018 | Thino Ullmann
What you need to consider when deciding for Windows 10 LTSC

The idea of introducing Windows 10 LTSC as the standard client operating system is very tempting. But what risks does it involve? What are the LTSC versions actually about? Our expert Thino Ullmann answers all the questions on this topic and explains why Windows 10 LTSC is not the solution as a standard client operating system.
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 07/05/2018 | Thino Ullmann
Your Journey From Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft’s announcement that Microsoft Teams will replace Skype for Business came like a bolt from the blue for many companies! But changes take time, especially in companies that already operate a Skype for Business landscape. So how can the transition be managed successfully? Our expert Thino Ullmann provides some useful and practical tips.
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 06/12/2018 | Thino Ullmann
Preventing Shadow IT with Microsoft Cloud App Security

We’ll show you how to achieve transparency, data control and threat protection using Microsoft Cloud App Security.
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 06/07/2018 | Thino Ullmann
No Further Development of OneNote 2016 for MS Office 2019

There won’t be an OneNote app for Office2019. Also any further development for Office 2016 OneNote will be discontinued. Read why.
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 06/04/2018 | Thino Ullmann
How Office 365 Enterprise E5 can replace your local telephone system

Classic telephone systems from the 1990s have become obsolete. What about simply integrating the telephone system into your current collaboration strategy? We’ll show you how Office 365 lets you manage landline and mobile calls with Skype for Business.
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 05/28/2018 | Thino Ullmann
Your new Favorite Colleague: Microsoft StaffHub

Microsoft StaffHub puts an end to clunky staff coordination. We’ll show you how the application can quickly become your most valuable staff member in the hotel business.
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