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Business Intelligence

Speeding-up daily decision-making

"Our reporting process has become fast and reliable as a result of using SAP BusinessObjects as a reporting engine, whilst our employees have their role-based window split into operational details. Our SAP BusinessObjects partner, COMPAREX, has given us support with strategic development and technical implementation. It‘s really good to see how the application is used within our organization."

Wallenstam ABKenneth Hansten
Business Intelligence Manager, Wallenstam AB, Sweden

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Cloud Computing

Moving to the Cloud Means Better Integrated IT Systems

"Increasing difficulties with managing workstations, email and productivity tools, NaXex’s goal was to gain better control through an integrated IT system. COMPAREX recommended a migration to Microsoft Office 365."

NaXex Technological Development Inc.Dobromir Stoev
CIO, NaXex Technological Development Inc, Buglaria

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More Effective Work And Cut Costs With Microsoft Azure

"Our company likes to implement the latest technologies. This helps to make our work more effective. Thanks to our cooperation with COMPAREX, we have a well-established ERP system in place, and our key IT services are based on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. This has allowed us to cut costs spent on purchasing and upgrading our physical servers, relieved the workload for our IT department, and heightened security by allowing us to store backups of all our data."

AGRITRADE GroupSergiy Orlov
IT Director, AGROTRADE Group, Ukraine

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Improved Performance Flexibility With Microsoft Azure IaaS

"Microsoft Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offers us the flexibility, scalability, and just-in-time-performance that we need. Azure only bills us for the times in which number-crunching machines are actually running. IT infrastructure is not the core business of Unilever Belgium, so we decided to partner with COMPAREX."

UnileverSven Lenaerts
Project Manager for Customer Development, Unilever, Belgium

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Cloud Computing and MS Office 365

As a constantly developing and growing company, MontazhSpetsStroy needed to ensure that their software meets upcoming requirements. They decided for Microsoft Office 365 to benefit from greater flexibility and security.

MCC MontazhSpetsStroyMCC MontazhSpetsStroy, Kazakhstan

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Cloud Computing and Unified Cloud Management

"Rather than having to increase costly headcount, COMPAREX fulfills my network and security needs and management roles through Unified Cloud Management. […]"

Agora Cyber Charter SchoolMichael Rublesky
Director of IT, Agora Cyber Charter School, USA

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Cloud Computing (Microsoft Azure) and Licensing (Microsoft SPLA)

"To maximise our investment, we needed to hire expertise from outside our organisation. We engaged with COMPAREX because they have a wealth of experience in software licensing and Microsoft Azure. This allowed us to fully understand our licensing options and cloud usage going forward."

Optima Energy SystemsPaul Healey
Director, Optima Energy Systems, UK

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Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) with Microsoft Azure and Veeam Cloud Connect (VCC)

"Veeam and Microsoft Azure give us the speed and flexibility to better allocate the resources worldwide in order to build and operate our Disaster Recovery service. COMPAREX Proof of Value and advice conducted us to the right decision"

Timken CompanyMihai Grigorescu
IT Manager, The Timken Company, Romania

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Support for Group Éditions Lefebvre Sarrut to Successfully Migrate to the Cloud!

"We wanted to replace our nine messaging systems with a single, ergonomic, user-friendly solution. COMPAREX, with its in-depth knowledge of publishers, helped us decipher extremely complex contracts and find a solution with Office 365. Their support throughout the process of acquiring a cloud solution truly made all the difference."

Ebita ApSChristophe Le Caignec
Head of IT Operations Group Éditions Lefebvre Sarrut, France

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Integration of Active Directory, Azure, MS Office 365

At the request of the Poznan University of Economics and Business, COMPAREX performed a project of integration of the accounts of the University’s local Active Directory with Azure Active Directory, used for operation of Microsoft Office 365. In the course of the project, the local Active Directory was verified and reconfigured for 10,000 active user accounts and 25,000 assigned user accounts.

Poznan University of Economics and BusinessPoznan University of Economics and Business, Poland

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Backup and fast data recovery (Disaster Recovery) with Azure

"The combination of Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Hyper-V has enabled us to create a cost-effective Disaster Recovery solution for our key systems. As a result, we can be sure that even after complete destruction of the server room, all our systems would be functional within 30 minutes."

Michal Šedivý
Head of IT Department, Auto Jarov, Czech Republic

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Azure public cloud platform for ERP

"In the design and implementation phase, we used limited resources but at the time of the production environment launch, we seamlessly improved the system’s efficiency in line with current needs...we see that the cloud has brought us substantial savings from the very beginning"

Victor Spierings
Bogusław Matysiak, Matras S.A., Poland

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COMPAREX SoftCare offers us transparency, independent advice and a single point of contact

"COMPAREX offered us this single point of contact. Now, we don’t have to order software via the web or any other channel anymore. This offers us convenience. On top ofthat, we pay a much better price in most cases, because COMPAREX is able to purchase at lower costs. The software is being provided to us at cost price."

Kuiken NVServaas van de Voort
Manager ICT, Kuiken NV, The Netherlands

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Claus Hagen Nielsen (COWI A/S) on COMPAREX SoftCare

"Finding a new international partner like COMPAREX has been a game changer for us."
The CIO of international consulting group COWI and Denmark’s CIO of the Year 2014 is excited about COMPAREX SoftCare.

COWI A/S: Watch the videoClaus Hagen Nielsen
CIO, COWI A/S, Denmark

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COMPAREX SAM2GO for Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and SAP

PFSA Office decided in March 2015 to implement the SAM2GO (Managed Service) solution for four key software technologies used in the IT environment. As a result of the project, the licence assets have been recorded and concentrated in one tool, and various reports have been provided in the form of SAM2GO Dashboards.

Polish Financial Supervision Authority Office

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Gain Software License Compliance

Having successfully created a license compliance balance, the customer BKK decided for a quarterly Software Asset Management review with COMPAREX SAM2GO to find out about over- and under-licensing and corresponding measures. Therefore, the compliance balance is quarterly updated and a respective strategy to avoid over- and under-licensing is developed together with the customer.

Deutsche BKK, Germany

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Optimize IT Budgets

We can see decent results even now at the implementation stage. They will help to improve our overall IT infrastructure and optimize the IT budget, which is critical in the current business environment. In the future, we are planning to scale up the project to cover a larger time period.

Sergey Vain, Head of IT at Bank Koltso Urala

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Introduction of COMPAREX SAM2GO – Managed Service

Rödl & Partner relied on COMPAREX’s expertise. Therefore, the solution SAM2GO (Managed Service) was implemented. At first, a license reconciliation based on SAM2GO will be generated to be then further administered within a quarterly cycle (further vendors will be defined in coordination with Rödl & Partner GmbH).

Rödl & Partner GmbHRödl & Partner GmbH, Germany

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Transavia reduces costs and regains control with COMPAREX SoftCare

"This model meets all of our requirements. We now have one central point for all our questions regarding software licenses. We can see already that we have also reduced costs. Part of the contract is that Agile Software supplies us with the licenses without adding any extra margin. We are able to see that in the quotes and invoices we receive. Besides, Agile Software provides us with a monthly report that contains the licenses we have purchased and the savings we have realized. It strengthens the transparency of our cooperation and makes it easier for us to budget, because we know what costs we have upfront."

Victor Spierings
Configuration Manager, Transavia, The Netherlands

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Transparency in license management: SAM2GO Managed Service

"An institution that is responsible for maintaining law and order should also set an example in terms of how software compliance is organized. It takes complete dedication to achieve full compliance and legal certainty in this area. COMPAREX, as our District Council’s Microsoft partner, is familiar with the special features of the public sector thanks to its many years of experience here. This is why we were quickly won over by the SAM2GO managed compliance service. We now have full transparency over our license status across all vendors at the click of a button. We have also eliminated unnecessary costs resulting from excess licenses and can rest assured that there will be no unpleasant surprises during audits."

Christian Stuhldreier
IT Coordination Office at the Arnsberg District Council; Germany

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Implementation of Veeam Backup Software solution in a banking customer

“We were able to back up things 90% faster than before, and we only need around half of the storage space. For example, a 300 GB machine could be shrunk to 130 GB. It went so fast when we made a backup on the first day that I thought we had done something wrong. I was genuinely impressed. Likewise, for Virtual Lab, the lab environment for checking backups and recoveries in minutes.”

COMPAREX AGVicente Campayo
Head of Systems Engineering, Caja Rural Castilla-La Mancha, Spain

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Managed Services

Power to all Servers.

The COMPAREX crew confirms that all servers have been transferred without any transition-related incidents.
The team not only stuck to the ambitious timetable, but completed their work much earlier than originally agreed. This was achieved, in particular, through quick collective decisions as well as trust and openness in all coordination phases. The high level of commitment on the part of everyone involved, the ability of all parties to familiarize themselves with complex processes independently and having a partnership of equals guaranteed a high degree of professionalism that fits perfectly with the global ambitions of the BMW Group.

BMW Group, Germany

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Software & IT Asset Management

Transparency Through SAM, a Valuable Investment

"I would recommend this kind of project to everyone. We now have a complete overview of our entire IT environment, including hardware and software as well as the required licenses. We’ve made a manageable, valuable investment and now enjoy full control of our budget as a result."

Vlaams-Brabant WestJoeri Jacobs
System Administrator, Fire Department Zone Vlaams-Brabant West, Belgium

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SAM and Microsoft MAP Toolkit

"Thanks to our cooperation with COMPAREX, we now enjoy transparency when it comes to our license status and all necessary internal IT processes related to Microsoft SAM. We now have optimal licensing that is also cost-effective and legally compliant."

VisicomVolodymyr Kolino
Director  Visicom, Ukraine

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SAM as a Service (SAMaaS) with Snow License Manager

"Co-operation with COMPAREX has been smooth, supporting our IT operations on a global level. Continuous work with the specialists of COMPAREX have enabled us to get significant savings in software procurement and improved risk management of software assets."

Vlamet OyjIsmo Vaiste
Director IT, Valmet Oyj, Finland

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Secure compliance for software usage

"Thanks to our work with COMPAREX, we now have a transparent overview of our licensing status and all internal IT processes related to SAM. As a result, we could obtain optimal licensing that is also economical and legally compliant. What’s more, we were able to optimize future requirements for the actual application situation. All in all, this project really helped us do the right thing at the right time by implementing and establishing long-term license management."

Rheinbahn AGJohannes Huestege
Head of IT, Rheinbahn AG, Düsseldorf, Germany

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SAM Strategy & Audit Support

COMPAREX Finland offered its support in performing a total health check and fixing existing problems with the ILMT. Our specialist and colleague from COMPAREX Slovenia was on site at Valmet for 3 days. Valmet was also interested in ongoing ILMT management, which has been successfully carried out by COMPAREX Finland and Slovenia since then.

Valmet OyjValmet Oyj, Finland

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SAM Baseline

Due to the fact that over and under-licensing can quickly occur combined with high costs, Elektro Primorska d.d. seeked for an analysis of its installed software, existing licenses and related costs. Elektro Primorska d.d. decided to implement a Microsoft Software Asset Management (SAM) baseline project by COMPAREX.

Elektro Primorska d.d.Elektro Primorska d.d., Slovenia

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License Management for greater transparency

"Our view of all software we use is up-to-date. And by measuring software utilization we are able to optimize software purchases. With the full range service provided by COMPAREX, I can better focus on supporting the most crucial business projects of our company, while getting the support I need from the software specialists at COMPAREX."

ST1Risto Heikkinen
Head of ICT Management, ST1, Finland

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License Balance and SAM Compliance for Hellmann Worldwide Logistics

"We are very satisfied with the results on all levels. As well as full transparency and legal security, we are now also in an excellent position to negotiate ongoing long-term contracts with Microsoft..."

Sint-Jan’s ClinicBenjamin C. Rasch
License Manager/IT-Compliance Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, Germany

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License management for greater transparency, cost efficiency and security

"As a subsidiary of Porsche Holding, one of the largest and most successful car dealerships in Europe, our goal is to produce the best software solutions in the automotive business. Given the many licenses that are required, we have decided together with COMPAREX to implement a Microsoft Software Asset Management baseline project. COMPAREX has carried out the project with great skill and dedication in all respects, providing us with a transparent overview of our licensing status and, at the same time, allowing us to optimize costs."

Porsche InformatikAnton Spitzer
Head of Infrastructure Services, Porsche Informatik, Austria

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Valid License Reconciliation for 65,000 employees

"Correct software licensing is essential for companies of our size and makeup. And not just from an economic view point, also from a legally binding standpoint. COMPAREX executed the SAM project in a sustained and very professional manner. One of the key success factors was the results-oriented cooperation with our many independent international subsidiaries. Everyone worked together, pulling in the same direction. The results put us in an ideal position for future license negotiations."

Bilfinger SEAnton Fischer
Corporate License Manager, Bilfinger SE, Sweden

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SAM Deployment

After successful Microsoft SAM (Software Asset Management) baseline and SAM assessment project, Frutarom Etol d.d. decided to implement a SAM deployment project, offered by COMPAREX. In fact, Frutarom Etol d.d. was looking for advance its SAM maturity in the hardware and software inventory key competency area.

Frutarom Etol d.d.Frutarom Etol d.d., Slovenia

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Centralized Administration of Software Licenses

"There’s no need to worry about whether we have all the right licenses, whether an audit is coming and whether we have to devote extra time, effort and investments..."

Sint-Jan’s ClinicVilém Svoboda
CIO, a.s. Czech Republic

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Software Licensing

The License for Flexibility

"We were facing the decision of whether to extend the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement or replace it with a different license model. In collaboration with COMPAREX, we analyzed the future requirements within the server and client environment. The Microsoft Product and Service Agreement which COMPAREX recommended is an ideal fit for our IT strategy. It provides us with more flexibility when transferring to the cloud and is economically sound."

Güdel Group AG Martin Knuchel
CIO, Güdel Group AG

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Systems Management

Progress though central IT management

"Our leitmotif ‘Vorsprung durch Technik‘ also defines our office IT strategy. In choosing COMPAREX, we’ve found the right partner for AUDI, in terms of their ambition and commitment as well as their solutions. The result is an efficient administration of our IT applications in Germany and in our foreign subsidiaries. Implemented as a finely structured rights concept for managing complex environments, the solution is flexible, dynamic and audit-poof. Thus, the Active Directory serves as a basis for the management of our group-wide IT solutions."

AUDI AGDr. Michael Wadosch
Head of IT User/Office Services, AUDI AG, Germany

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