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Proven partnership of more than one decade

COMPAREX is IBM Premier Partner and has in total more than 300 different IBM product certifications obtained over the past years. We are honored with the highest partner level "IBM Premier Business Partner"

 Certified for all IBM software brands

We provide you with integrated support on all IBM product available at the market

You have one  contact person for all IBM software topics

 IBM Premier Business Partner

We are a worldwide company and financially strong.

You are offered the highest flexibility in contract and payment terms including financing.

 All services for IBM software

We offer you SAM Consulting, COMPAREX SAM2GO and SoftCare for IBM software.

We provide you with compliance, cost savings potentials and transparency.

You can minimize your risks and get prepared perfectly for an upcoming audit.


You find detailed information about products and licensing options on the official website of IBM. For further advice and to find the licensing model which fits your needs contact us.

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Ronald Kleijn

Director Service Delivery