• Unleash Your Cloud's Potential

Unleash Your Cloud’s Potential with COMPAREX as Azure Expert MSP

Imagine you’d have a partner not only knowing your IT and cloud platform in every detail but also advising you in using it, making the best out of it. Did you know that we can advise you in creating new products and solutions by using the full potential of the cloud platform? Or that based on consumption statistics, we can help you managing and optimizing your infrastructure to make it efficient? With having a powerful cloud solution, your company can proactively influence trends by running new ideas, services, apps very fast. And stable. And secure.

Unleash Your Cloud’s Potential with COMPAREX as Azure Expert MSP

Proactive Managed Services

"I want to have a partner that helps me proactive manage and optimize my cloud platform."

Advisory on Future Business Cases

"I receive valuable information about my systems and latest market trends to develop new offerings."

Grow Your Business

"With a reliable IT environment and professional consulting, I’m ready to expand my business."

We are your first choice. COMPAREX is part of a highly selective program of Microsoft to create a high impact as Managed Services Provider (MSP) offer for Azure partners. It is not only another certification. It is a real new way of being certified as an influencer of modern and future strategies on digitally transforming businesses. Very few global Microsoft partners were able to fulfill the requirements to join this program.

Rely On “Your” Cloud

Optimize costs

Cost optimization through deductive and predictive analysis on past and expected cloud spend.

Improve your infrastructure

Improved infrastructure operations, automation, and change management based on insights.

Improve your security and identity management

Improved security and identity management with latest applications and connectivity.

Get 24/7 support and cloud expertise

Support with 24/7 availability and escalation to Microsoft advanced / premier support.

COMPAREX Unified Cloud Management for Azure is our managed services offering built on top of the Azure MSP program. With this offer, we will be able to help you in transforming your business.

COMPAREX recognized as Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Provider

"We are excited to see COMPAREX add value by advising organizations on their Microsoft Azure and intelligent cloud demands to manage even the most complex environments. The Azure Expert MSP program will help decision makers find highly skilled providers like COMPAREX with validated competencies."

Gavriella Schuster, corporate vice president, One Commercial Partner, Microsoft Corp.

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Rely on "Your" Cloud

How does it work?

Unified Cloud Management is a holistic managed service combining classical monitoring service and service management.

Know What’s Going On

Azure Monitoring services systematically records, measures and monitors your Azure Cloud Environment. With a dashboard, you can oversee all crucial KPIs via internet – 24/7 from everywhere. Access to the information can be restricted based various features, as e.g. your company’s organizational structure, country level or manufacturer-specific details.

Be Prepared

All relevant and historical data can be used for planning resources or diverting automation tasks. So, you can sustainably orchestrate your resources. You can assure to have the right amount of resources at the right time.

CFO’s Will Love It

Furthermore, you can setup limits to keep track of your consumption and budgets. This insight helps you when planning budget for further projects.

Microsoft Azure at Optima Energy Systems

"To maximise our investment, we needed to hire expertise from outside our organisation. We engaged with COMPAREX because they have a wealth of experience in software licensing and Microsoft Azure. This allowed us to fully understand our licensing options and cloud usage going forward."

Paul Healey, Director, Optima Energy Systems, United Kingdom

Optima Energy Systems

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