Performance Optimization – Explained in 2 minutes

Just have a look at the COMPAREXonline video and get to know how you optimize your procurement processes.

Would you like to quickly and easily purchase software for your business, but always find yourself up against different manufacturers’ long-winded and complicated ordering processes? If this is the case, it’s time to optimize your purchasing and transaction processes.

COMPAREXonline at a glance

Our customer portal, COMPAREXonline, allows you to simply and directly purchase software or integrate product and price information into your purchasing system. Using automated and controlled processes, the procurement of software licenses is not only quicker but also more reliable and efficient. Your entire business can purchase software based on precisely defined framework contracts and products.

Above all, COMPAREXonline allows you to always maintain a comprehensive overview. All relevant information such as offers and orders, concluded contracts or license reports are stored for easy retrieval at any time. What is more, constant monitoring of all products using our customer portal facilitates setting up an efficient and reliable maintenance process.

Efficiently Purchase and Manage Software.

COMPAREX offers precise solutions for software procurement and management according to your requirements – from a simple web shop through to a fully integrated e-supply chain.

 Your Return

  •  Quick & secure procurement thanks to automated and controlled processes
  •  Transparent and controlled purchasing thanks to products and framework con-tracts defined throughout the company
  •  Structured management, for example, of offers, calculations, contracts and reports
  •  Comprehensive reporting and monitoring functions for contracts and products in the portal

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With COMPAREXonline you manage and automatize your procurement and order processes. Thus COMPAREXonline demonstrably increase the level of efficiency of your procurement processes.

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