• With the support of Cloud Consumption Monitoring
    I will have a handle on our Office 365 usage and
    Azure consumption.

Get Your Costs for Office 365 and Azure Under Control

Do you use Microsoft Office 365 or Azure in your company? The complex technical environment of cloud services makes it hard to keep track the necessary information about their consumption. Cloud Consumption Monitoring helps you clarify any questions surrounding your Office 365 usage or Azure consumption, for example:

  • Overview: "Which Office 365 Services have I subscribed to and how are they utilized?" | OR:
    "Do the users really need all of the workloads included in their assigned O365 plans?"
  • Cost & budget control: "How can I get my Azure consumption costs under control?" | OR:
    "How can I assign the Azure invoices from Microsoft to the real originator?"
  • Budget planning: "How can I make better projections for my budget planning with Azure?"

Transform Your Consumption Data into Tangible Benefits

With your COMPAREX Cloud Consumption Monitoring you get detailed insights into your Office 365 usage and Azure consumption. You can thus optimize your cloud costs and create a reliable budget. And even better: an email notification feature keeps you updated on defined Azure budget thresholds and prevents you from unexpected expenditures.

More benefits of the COMPAREX Cloud Consumption Monitoring at a glance:

   Better Overview
  • Obtain a transparent overview of Office 365 usage and Azure consumption in a single dashboard
  • Detect optimization potential by knowing the available services and their degree of utilization as shown by the COMPAREX Dashboards
   Cost Control
  • Monitor your consumption of Azure Services
  • Automatic e-mail notifications keep you updated on defined Azure budget thresholds
  • Also optimize your costs by adapting your Office 365 subscriptions to your actual usage
   Precise Budget Planning
  • Create a reliable Azure budget plan based on valid operating figures, thereby minimizing unbudgeted costs
  • Make projection of future Azure budgets more accurate with details about consumption and its development
  • An overview of all available Office 365 software licenses helps plan new purchases correctly

All the Information About Your Microsoft Cloud Services in One Place

With the Cloud Consumption Monitoring Dashboards you have all the information about Office 365 usage and Azure Consumption in one place.

The information gathered from your Microsoft cloud tenants is analyzed by our cloud experts and results are delivered to you within the COMPAREX Dashboards for Cloud Consumption Monitoring. Detailed information about consumption costs, rates and trendlines for Azure or utilization of Office 365 workloads gives you overall transparency and full control of costs for your cloud services as well as valid operating figures for budget planning.

Reports delivered for Microsoft Azure

  • Comparison of commitment to actual usage: Know if you need to adapt your commitment!
  • Consumption per department, application or system: Know how to plan your spending properly at cost center level!
  • Trendline for development of Azure consumption: Make projections of consumption development for reliable budget planning!
  • E-mail notifications about defined budget thresholds: Manage cloud budgets actively to avoid unplanned expenditure!

Reports delivered for Microsoft Office 365

  • Overview of purchased plans: Have transparency of available plans and the assigned users!
  • Consumed workloads per user: Know the actual used workloads ensuring cloud investments are efficiently used!

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