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Help Build Your Business with Office 365

Are you considering Office 365 for your company? Then you are probably facing the following challenges:

  • Missing Expertise: "How do I find the technical expertise required to migrate and manage Office 365?"
  • Cost Optimization: "What is the right licensing mix based on my users requirements?“
  • Change Management: "How do I enable users to utilize the advanced productivity and collaboration features of Office 365?“
  • Governance: "How do I know we‘re utilizing best practices to manage our Office 365 environment to avoid security risks / service issues?“

Facing Your Challenges - COMPAREX Unified Cloud Management

What are the challenges you are facing with Office 365? We want to understand and discover the unique needs and requirements of your organization and address any questions or concerns about your solution. Besides the “Onboarding” the COMPAREX Unified Cloud Management service is available in the following three modules – select the services, that are most important to your organization:


Your Unified Cloud Management Modules at a Glance

  Onboarding - Plan & design Office 365 strategy; Mail migration with availability assurance of on-premise infrastructure
  • Ensures Office 365 & business critical applications are always taken care of
  • Unlimited 24*7 support with escalation path to Microsoft
  • Quality assurance by proactive reviews of audit reports
  • Office 365 Service Health Monitoring to reduce downtime
  • Increase business productivity & efficiency
  • Enable employees to do more in less time
  • Workload monitoring for planning adoption roadmap
  • Effective change management of new features
  • Live webinars & on-demand online training platform
  • Improve Availability
  • Full management of all Office 365 workloads
  • Change mgmt. for more than 500 configuration options
  • Increase Security
  • Manage role-based access control
  • Align configuration to company security and company guidelines
  • Optimize Costs
  • Microsoft SLA credits for better negotiation
  • Workload & license usage reporting
  • Historical data for planning prognoses
  • Reduce administrative efforts and ticket costs

COMPAREX Unified Cloud Management for Office 365

Your Control Panel – the Unified Cloud Management Dashboard

The dashboards help you get your Office 365 management under control.

The Service Health Dashboard for example delivers:

  • Proactive real-time alerting for Office 365 services related issues
  • Cloud and distributed probes to quickly identify source of service issues
  • Beautifully visualize historical service availability with advanced analytics using PowerBI

Your COMPAREX Service Manager for Customer Satisfaction

 Your COMPAREX Service Manager is your “Single Point of Contact”. He takes for example the lead guiding the team toward a solution in case of issues, keeps communication simple, regularly tracks the results and establishs a long-term strategy that aligns to your business objectives.

 Benefit from our Microsoft Competencies

COMPAREX‘s approach is not only about helping your organization enable new solutions and workloads, but become a trusted partner throughout your entire cloud lifecycle.

  •  High Expertise in Deploying & Managing Office 365: Over 12M seats of Office 365 sold | 500+ organizations deployed | Over 5,000,000 mailboxes migrated  
     Licensing is Our Core Competence: Over thirty years of experience and know-how in license management | COMPAREX is today’s leading Microsoft Cloud partner

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Unified Cloud Management for Office 365 is a Global Managed Service provided by COMPAREX.

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Unified Cloud Mgmt. for Office 365

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