Working At COMPAREX - The World's Best Employees

Solid and Flexible Support for Your Career.

The people who work in our organisation are highly motivated and value being able to prove their worth in a constantly changing and diverse working environment. They are people who invest their creativity and skills to participate in the company’s success, who are enthusiastic about IT and who are able to meet the standards expected at COMPAREX. They are employees who accept responsibility right from the very start. We have high expectations.

Optimum Support for Your Career

COMPAREX is strongly committed to employees' professional success and personal development. We work with you to provide opportunities that progress your career. At the same time, regular training keeps our sales members up-to-date with developments in software and licensing. Since COMPAREX offers many services, there are a wide variety for new opportunities.

Further education opportunities:

  • Professional training
  • Acquisition of specialist skills
  • Soft-skill training sessions
  • Individual coaching for more complex tasks

You will meet with your departmental or team leader to define individual goals in regular employee discussions. These reflect the assessment of performance, requirements arising from the project implementation, desires for personal development and professional demands. The outcome will summarise targets, the action needed to achieve them and the plans for further training over the ongoing fiscal year.

An International Career with a Global Player

As a company group with operations throughout the world, COMPAREX offers outstanding opportunities for international careers. The exchange of staff between the locations in different countries throughout Europe, Africa and Asia is essential for our international mode of operation.

All-round Support for Professional Success

Without motivation and a work-life balance, there can be no sustained enthusiasm, productivity and enjoyment of innovation. Aside from our hard work, we are also very good at having fun and reward ourselves with employee parties.

  • COMPAREX is an outstandingly “family-friendly company” and expressly supports the careers of mothers.
  • Employee events promote internal communication. They provide a framework for you to get to know colleagues far beyond your own area of work.
  • We boost your health with offers of back exercises, health days, consultations with the company doctor, vaccinations free of charge and massage.

Are you Interested in Joining a World-Class Service Provider?

If you have experience of software licensing are interested in moving beyond IT sales to a more thorough, long-term supportive relationship with large customers, please have a look to our job offers.

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