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Software Licensing

You are probably familiar with this typical dilemma: you have to deal with the administration of a whole range of different software products and with a whole range of different license models. You are striving to standardise all of these processes, but at the same time, you have concrete requirements that really have to be met - reasonable volume license conditions, a comprehensive overview of your software and licenses, including their lifespan as well as the range of software vendors.

In summary: Your software management and software procurement will be as efficient, effective and easy as possible – with COMPAREX!

Strong partnerships for your success

We provide support for software technology from more than 1,500 leading software vendors and optimise IT procurement processes for you, we work out the most economical and suitable solutions and come up with innovations that are in line with what the maret needs.

We are there for our customers, on the one hand as a competent partner and on the other, as a mediator. We help customers manage their specific requirements and find the most suitable IT infrastructure, in an increasingly complex market.


  1. Reliable Software Asset Management
  2. Cost-Optimized License Procurement
  3. Efficient Purchasing Processes

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Do you know the value your time? Discover it again!

With COMPAREX as your confident partner in software management you will benefit from:

  • the best possible license portfolio for you,
  • close relationships with many of our business partners for a number of years, their trust and products imcluding high-level certification,
  • vendor-independent high-level expertise and individudal consulting from a single source,
  • offers oriented on your requirements and demands,
  • exclusive procurement conditions through first-class purchasing conditions and individual offers,
  • We operate both globally and locally – our regional License Desks guarantee the best local support services for your enterprise.


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