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Software Asset Management

It pays to clean up!

Our SAM experts will provide you with a solid overview of the software used in your company and simultaneously ensure that it is licensed properly.

Our SAM Services



We create transparency

COMPAREX offers you software asset management (SAM) services with the aim of analysing and optimising your software asset management in a comprehensive and sustainable manner.

We use data to generate information and knowledge together with you – we create transparency. We analyse your IT infrastructure, workflows and processes and develop target scenarios for you – we realise potential. As part of this process, COMPAREX also takes into account compliance guidelines, existing licensing contracts and the lifecycle of the software used in your company.

You can benefit from our expertise and protect your IT infrastructure from financial, legal as well as other risks.

As part of our SAM services, we look at your IT infrastructure as a whole. We record the characteristics of software assets in your company (installations, licences, media, contracts, etc.) across the entire lifecycle. This also includes planning processes, organisation, guidelines, roles and institutions in your company.

This is how your SAM Project works

In order to serve you in a competent manner, we take a top-down approach to our consulting services. Strategies are defined first, actual processes are then incorporated, target processes are modelled, and methods and technologies are subsequently introduced. In so doing, we ensure that the targets agreed with you are implemented.

this is how our SAM solutions work Step 1: Joint development of your requirements and goals.
Step 2: Analysis of roles, processes, guidelines, etc., that are necessary for the achievement and safeguarding of the defined goals.
Step 3: Definition of the required tools and technologies.


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