SAM Services

SAM Services

Process consulting

SAM process consulting comprises several modules, which help to record, analyse and describe the relevant processes in your company. We develop the ideal level of support together with you – from selective support before particularly critical decisions right through to complete business process outsourcing. Learn more about how we proceed here...

Actual record: The record of the current situation is based on the software lifecycle. We systematically analyse all phases through which the software in your company passes, and we record which employees, roles, skills, departments, methods, tools and processes are involved.

Target definition: By aligning best practices (ITIL) with your current situation, we define joint priorities and develop target processes, role models, skill profiles and tools for your software asset management in its intended target state.

Implementation: We provide the support and experience you need to move from your current to target situation – no more and no less. In addition to implementation suggestions gathered over countless projects, we support you with visualisation, documentation, training and operational manuals.


SAM in virtual environments

Quick Scan scans all clients and servers that are available online including the virtual machines and installed software. You will get an overview of your technical inventory data for audits and contract extensions, plus you can generate various reports for IT management.

Strategy consulting

Our experts will give you an introduction on how to use efficient software asset management and advise you on the most suitable implementation strategies for your company. Together with you, our experienced consultants determine the current situation and then develop a concept using the proven approach of ‘Strategy – Processes – Technology’. The aim is to show you a cost-efficient way to effectively implement your software asset management process.

Discover potential for savings with us.

In customised workshops, we give you an overview of SAM, create a business case for management with you or design a specific project with you that is tailored to your needs.

Technology consulting

Various tools are available on the market for recording the software in your company. But which tool is best for your precise requirements? As an independent provider, we will advise you on the advantages and disadvantages of individual tools and will help you to find the most suitable tool for your needs.

Each tool has its own specific features, extras and advantages. However, these tools have the job of providing you with an insight into your assets. And in such a way that you can quickly distinguish between relevant and irrelevant information and have the required knowledge at your disposal to make decisions.

At the same time, the tool should fit into your existing landscape and skills. Our intention is to ensure that you achieve this goal.

We analyse this balance on a case-by-case basis for every customer and every situation.

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