Cloud Computing - Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

A combination of the public and private cloud is the perfect solution if, for example, you want to expand your IT infrastructure to include external services, in other words, if you want to take advantage of the virtues of the public cloud but also want to manage your data internally. In this case, we will build a ‘hybrid cloud’ for you: Here, you purchase applications from the cloud but can keep sensitive data in house and continue to use existing IT services.

Your Benefits

  • The hybrid cloud model combines the traditional data centre, which is the private cloud, with the scalable cloud services of a public cloud.
  • The cloud customer can use their own resources and application programs and access computing or other resources from cloud providers in times of peak loads, without having to upgrade their own infrastructure.
  • The ability to retain important and sensitive data in the private company network and simultaneously externalise temporary exchange data and IT resources makes the hybrid cloud a very practical model.
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