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Cloud Computing

Have you heard of cloud computing? Could you explain exactly what it is on the spot?

Cloud computing is nothing other than the virtual place from which you receive IT services like computing powers, storage, software and programming environments – central, needs-based, dynamic and always up-to-date. COMPAREX is your CloudENABLER, as we can help you to make good use of cloud computing environments or even to create them. The main COMPAREX principle here is ‘Everything as a service’ – in other words, to provide all services in a private, public or hybrid cloud. This begins with ‘Software as a Service’, SaaS for short, and continues to ‘Platform as a Service’ (PaaS) right through to ‘Infrastructure as a Service’ (IaaS). Billing is also carried out in terms of a service: You only pay for services that you actually use. Your employees can access the cloud from anywhere, simply and quickly, using a simply network login. This self-service principle of COMPAREX gives you the option to react to any changes or requirements in your business in an optimal, immediate and cost-efficient manner.

We are your CloudENABLER!

We see ourselves as ‘CloudENABLER’, i.e., firstly, we have cloud computing experts, and secondly, we can put our customers in a position to provide, operate and bill applications according to use in a private or public cloud on demand. As part of this process, we work with the leading vendors of productive and secure cloud infrastructures: Microsoft, Citrix, VMware and many more! In our view, cloud computing is not an alternative to traditional IT but an addition to it – especially in relation to the automation of IT processes. Everything follows this motto: Saving on infrastructure, expanding services for you!

This is where the paradigm shift lies: Our cloud computing customers can meet various internal requirements (e.g., faster productivity of employees, cost transparency and cost efficiency, constant timeliness of software used) – without having to expand the IT infrastructures and processes required for this themselves! Cloud computing has many advantages for you. For example, fixed IT investments can be transformed into variable and transparent costs. Cloud computing can simplify many daily tasks. But it does not mean that you lose control of your IT. To make the most out of cloud computing, you first have to know what your individual cloud strategy is. We will support you in this!

As your CloudENABLER, COMPAREX will help you to do the following:

  • We have expertise in the software and project field for Windows and mainframe data centres and all standard server-client infrastructures.
  • We are a vendor-independent consultant and ‘cloud enabler’.
  • We don’t just talk about building complex cloud infrastructures for our customers, we have already done so – just ask us!
  • We are a certified Microsoft Hyper-V Cloud Acceleration Partner, we hold the VMware EMEA Infrastructure Virtualization Competency Award, we are a Citrix Premier Solution Advisor and one of the leading IBM and NetApp partners in Germany.
  • We have our finger on the pulse thanks to our first-class expertise when it comes to desktop virtualisation (V-Alliance Executive Partner of the Year) and projects like Volkswagen Sachsen Zwickau or the Knappschaft Bahn-See (German pension scheme for miners, railway and maritime workers).
  • We find the right solution for you – from traditional IT right through to virtualised infrastructures and the private and public cloud.
  • We sell cloud computing, not at any price, but where it makes sense.

Why is COMPAREX the right CloudENABLER for you?

We think and act with the customer in mind.

  • Set up a private cloud in your own data centre (cloud enablement)
  • Migrate, partially or completely, to a public or hybrid cloud
  • Implement a public cloud for providers
  • Check and implement the security, capacity and performance management as well as the cost-efficiency of cloud environments
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