Cloud Computing - Public Cloud

Public Cloud

With the public cloud, you can easily and flexibly expand your internal IT structures to include external services.

This has the advantage that you are not only limited to the options of your company – but can also make use of more scalable resources. This is especially interesting for SMEs.
Several companies can now share the entire pool of resources. This has the advantage that capacities do not have to be purchased at expensive prices and always reserved; instead, companies can simply access them according to their requirements.

Your Benefits

  • Unlimited resources: You can use a vast pool of IT capacities – if and when you want.
  • IT capacities to match your requirements: There are neither shortages nor surpluses of IT capacities in the public cloud.
  • Customisation: Although you are sharing the public cloud with other companies, any services you purchase will be tailored to your specific needs.
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