More Productivity For Your IT

Server Consolidation

Server consolidation – Optimise resource usage.

An essential starting point for optimisation is the server landscape. Operation, administration and maintenance can be brought together through consolidation, considerably improving the use of resources and bringing a new flexibility to your entire IT environment. Handling of applications, services and data is improved, as are associated speeds.


Heterogeneous IT environments can be transformed into one uniform environment. System availability is increased. Customer experience shows that up to 50 per cent of a company’s servers can be made available for reallocation by realising consistent standards and introducing the latest software. Because servers are often busy, they can be consolidated through virtualization.

Your Benefit

  • Easy operation and management of your systems
  • More efficient use of your resources
  • High-quality company-wide Service Levels
  • Creation of data centre standards
  • Faster alignment of new applications and services
  • Increase in IT flexibility
  • TCO optimisation
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