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Central Logging System

Central Logging SystemThe Central Logging System is designed to collect and manage information retrieved from operating systems and/or applications. This information can then be processed by a central managing system to generate information for auditing and reporting.

Using the Central Logging System, your company is able to identify any cybercrime threats quickly. The system automates control processes, giving users additional time to respond more effectively to any anomalies. Proper system configuration results in the automatic escalation of events, for example, according to predefined procedures.

Benefits for your organisation and IT department

  • Fulfilment of auditing/compliance requirements
  • Improvement of your company’s IT security
  • Optimisation of time and resources – return on investment (ROI)
  • Systems status information
  • Single point of control
  • Easy access from any where via the Internet
  • Tightening of your company’s security
  • Optimisation of your administrative tasks
  • Archived history of your activities
  • Universality and scalability of your systems
  • Historical log database



  • Compatible with ANY application and/or any operating system
  • Allows information (logs) and events to be gathered online
  • Provides a single console for managing information from many monitored systems
  • Allows information to be categorised, filtered and reported
  • Easy to use, manage and integrate

Examples of usage

  • Examination of company policies/security abuses
  • Examination of unplanned outages
  • Work time accounting
  • Infrastructure efficiency analysis
  • Anomalies ‘checklist’
  • Statistical systems examination
  • Auditing/compliance
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