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Data Security

In order to keep your data under your control at all times, companies now have to comply with a wide range of provisions on the protection of sensitive data and privacy (Basel II, Basel III, German Federal Data Protection Act), while legislators vigorously pursue compliance violations. Furthermore, the example of the Swiss ‘tax CDs’ shows that sensitive data may be a sought-after commodity and a target for theft. Companies are therefore increasingly introducing encryption technologies for data protection – particularly for the protection of mobile end devices. We minimise the risk of losing your business-critical data (data on citizens, finances, customers as well as e-mail communication) by implementing comprehensive concepts, solid backup systems and multi-level data protection architectures.

Data loss prevention (DLP) is an umbrella term for technical measures that prevent data theft and record access to data. We provide you with solutions for the following tasks:

  • Backup and recovery of data
  • Documentation on what is done with certain data; information for users to raise awareness of how to deal with data – directly while working
  • Obtaining confirmation from the user, e.g., by entry fields, alarming and blocking of unauthorised actions that are possible with data
  • Monitoring of all messages that leave your company
  • Encryption of e-mails with confidential content
  • Implementation of compliance rules on the protection of privacy and security to prevent loss of business-critical information
  • Safeguarding of communication with partners and during outsourcing

Data Security

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