COMPAREX - Our focus. Your benefit.

Our focus. Your benefit.

Wherever you see ‘focus’ at COMPAREX, you can take us at our word. We provide you with extensive and bundled expertise from our software, consulting and services business fields in the following eight areas. What does this mean for you? It means access to certified employees with diverse project expertise, efficient IT processes as well as comprehensive planning and implementation from the first concept to the last project report.

Your account manager can offer you everything from a single source at COMPAREX – unlike our competition.


We support software technologies from over 70 leading vendors and implement IT procurement processes that are tailored to your needs. We offer you the most cost-efficient and suitable proposaland realise innovations in line with market conditions.

IT InfrastructureIT Infrastructure

We offer you sustainable and integrated solutions for your entire IT infrastructure – both in the Windows data centre and in the large-scale data centre. You can benefit from certified expertise that has been proven in countless projects.


With solutions ranging from server virtualization to desktop virtualization, we make your IT more dynamic and flexible, giving you the winning edge when you’re surfing.

Systems ManagementSystems Management

Systems management is the ultimate IT service, as we need almost superhuman abilities to be able to cope with today’s evolved and often heterogeneous IT systems.

IT SecurityIT Security

We offer you expertise and solutions tailored to the most important areas of modern IT security, all of which is ‘inspired by nature’. The animal kingdom and IT systems have a lot in common: Both are highly complex systems with sensitive individuals.

Cloud ComputingCloud Computing

Cloud computing is nothing other than the virtual place from which you receive IT services like computing powers, storage, software and programming environments – central, needs-based, dynamic and always up-to-date.

Office and CommunicationOffice Administration and Communications

Team work and communication are the key to success for every business venture. Distribution of tasks, target-oriented communication and the use of collective intelligencegenerate maximum productivity, as every team member can concentrate on their strengths.

Custom Ddevelopment and In-house products

Custom Development & in-house products

Customised software development based on the latest sustainable software technologies is an important part of our service portfolio. The exceptional quality and utmost cost-efficiency of these solutions are both a requirement and a standard for our software development experts.

Managed ServicesManaged Services

Services management means that COMPAREX takes responsibility for IT services, including the operation of the organisation’s entire infrastructure and the provision of professional technical support.



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