COMPAREX Managed Services

3rd party Maintenance

Hardware maintenance services ensure the operation of your hardware infrastructure during and after the warranty period.
Our flexible warranty terms, business agility and expertise enable your organisation to respond quickly to any change in the IT environment.

COMPAREX offers service packages customised especially for you, which meet your needs and eliminate unnecessary charges that could be used more efficiently during the warranty term.

Hardware Maintenance Service

Unique conditions

  • Dedicated team of engineers familiar with your IT infrastructure
  • Vendor-independent service
  • Own extensive inventory of hardware stock
  • Effective system for delivering unique equipment
  • Own development laboratory and own data centre
  • Local operation and fast decision making
  • Removal of defects and implementation of substitute solutions – guaranteed under conditions of SLA
  • 24x7 MultiVendor Helpdesk (CallService, Helpdesk and SupportCentre for many manufacturers)

Our aim is not to sell new equipment – we care about your existing equipment in order to extend its lifetime for as long as possible.

Level 1:
24-hour National Support Centre

This level is provided by appropriately trained specialists in a 24-hour national support centre. It allows us to guarantee the continuity of your company's activities.

Level 2:
COMPAREX Competence Centre

National experts in the support centre are able to consult scientists at the COMPAREX Competence Centre to develop an optimal solution. The expertise at our Competence Centre is second to none. We not only cover issues involving a single solution but are also capable of supporting an entire infrastructure including many devices from different vendors.

Level 3:
Specialist from the

If a defect concerns a specific device, COMPAREX will provide a specialist from the supplier. The specialist will have extensive knowledge of the equipment and will repair or replace the device in an optimal timeframe.

You will be satisfied!

In addition to the standard technical support, some applications require such an immediate response to the report that typical procedures do not satisfy the customer's needs. We provide appropriate maintenance services for these customers.
Hardware Maintenance by COMPAREX

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