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System Shield

We ensure the continuity of your key business applications

SYSTEM SHIELD logoSYSTEM SHIELD – a business continuity service ensuring the highest availability of your key business applications. SYSTEM SHIELD is an alternative to the traditional service model which significantly increases your productivity and organisational performance. SYSTEM SHIELD ensures the complete safety of your IT environment while at the same time reducing maintenance costs.

Your Benefit

SYSTEM SHIELD at a glance

  • Guaranteed business continuity and full IT support
  • Comprehensive protection of your applications and infrastructure stability 24/7
  • High availability and data security
  • Cost optimisation to increase the quality of new business
  • Increased efficiency and competitive advantage
  • Specialised backup data centre for full online disaster recovery


SYSTEM SHIELD is provided by a group of dedicated specialists who know your environment, monitor it and can respond to all service requests as required.

Within the framework of the service, our experts operate at three levels

Proactive level

  • Permanent hardware monitoring
  • Adjustment of your tools
  • Installation of alterations
  • Periodic hardware analyses
  • Up to application level
  • Main focus is to avoid system failure

Reactive level

  • Receives service reports
  • Assesses the failure
  • Informs the manufacturer's service centre
  • Performs the necessary repairs

Assistance level

  • Installation and adjustment of your operating systems
  • Infrastructure reconfiguration
  • Migration to higher versions of your operating systems
  • Business continuity
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