Systems Management


Our monitoring solutions allow you to monitor the actual state of your IT systems centrally at any time. By comparing current with defined target states, problems are identified in individual elements of your IT infrastructure (servers, databases, clients, networks) before they become problematic for your business or result in a total failure. Our speciality is to ensure the early identification of problems with your employees, network nodes or servers.

Success Stories

Your benefits

  • We guarantee that you will identify and solve the problems before your employees realise there is a problem.
  • We combine process automation and monitoring (in client management and infrastructure management, e.g., in the storage system).
  • We purchase and implement innovative monitoring products, for example, the new system centre version ‘vNext’, VMware vCentre, IBM Tivoli, Novell ZENworks or Altiris 6.
  • We implement monitoring and automatic blocking of lost computers and carry out performance tuning and health checks for more database power.
  • We help you to monitor physical virtual servers in such a way that you can identify the performance of processors or RAM at any time and adjust it according to your needs.
  • We protect the productivity of your employees and reduce the number of calls to your service desk.
  • We implement central administration interfaces, even for complex, distributed and virtualised IT infrastructures and therefore create sustainable monitoring solutions.
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