Virtualization - Boost Your IT.

Desktop Virtualization

With Desktop Virtualization, you will really take off! Operating systems and applications will be provided to your employees individually by the data centre. Your administrators can take off their trainers.

How does it work?

Standalone operating system environments are provided in virtual machines – locally on individual desktops or centrally on a server. The virtual infrastructure guarantees the performance of your systems. Desktops, from one to several hundred at a time, can be provided automatically depending on requirements and existing hardware.

Your Benefits

Increased availability, improved monitoring and management of your desktop environment are just some central advances that arise with desktop virtualisation. An overview of the most important advantages:

Centralized desktop management: Your IT employees can conveniently provide and support virtual desktops from the data centre.

Cost-saving administration: Your on-site service by IT administrators is reduced to a minimum, while the speed of support simultaneously increases.

Flexible provision: New employees get immediate access to their entire personalized desktops from any end device, without manual PC installation. New applications can be installed and provided centrally for all users.

Device-independent offline/online availability: The virtual desktop is completely independent from the end device used and runs reliably on the servers in the data centre. Users can also work in offline mode on virtual desktops. Devices are checked back in during the next online synchronization.

Business continuity: End devices can be changed or decommissioned without the user needing to change virtual desktops.

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