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Storage Virtualization

Is your company dealing with increasing quantities of data? Is your data backup costly and time-consuming? Do you face high costs for inflexible maintenance and administration? Storage Virtualization provides you with tangible potential for savings! With Storage Virtualization, you can reduce your hardware costs by an average of 16 per cent and your administration and maintenance costs by 18 per cent!

Advantages of Storage Virtualization

Your advantages: Storage systems from different vendors can be administered centrally and flexibly. Physical storage resources, which are partitioned or consolidated, can be used and managed more efficiently.

  • Tailor-made storage space.
    By dividing physical storage areas into virtual storage units which can be allocated flexibly, a virtual storage solution means that storage space can be better adapted to the user’s requirements. Consistently improve the exploitation of your physical storage resources!
  • Rely on secure and more efficient data management.
    With Storage Virtualization, not only your storage utilization but also your data management is significantly improved. Data backup and archiving processes are simplified considerably. Automatic failover ensures high resilience to failures, continuous data protection and access to your data without interruptions. Simplified and rapid scalability of your storage functions is a further benefit.
  • Administering and maintaining your storage systems has finally become easier.
    Storage Virtualization greatly reduces your administration expenditure. Firstly, by consolidating the storage systems, and secondly through centralized, automated and simplified storage management. By automating many everyday administration tasks, you can administer and maintain your storage resources much more easily and quickly. And this holds true for storage systems from the widest range of vendors.
  • Optimal utilisation of your storage resources and cost minimisation.
    The greatest benefit is that the storage utilization of your existing hardware will be considerably improved. If the maximum storage utilization is 60 per cent on average, virtualized storage allows the utilization of your existing storage resources to be increased yet further to an utilization rate of up to 80 per cent. Storage Virtualization not only results in a significant improvement in the utilization of your servers and storage capabilities, but also radically reduces the storage needs of servers! Identical data is no longer stored individually on multiple virtual servers, but only once.
  • A range of new functions offer more stability and security.
    storage Virtualization offers you completely new ways to back up your data and extend its service life. The snapshot, replication and mirroring functions are provided uniformly for all connected hardware systems. Secondary storage also provides backup and restore concepts such as backup to disk or disaster recovery, and tertiary storage offers various archiving solutions.
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